Gun Porn: Slidefire and EOTech Epic Fail

Alternate title: Why you need BUIS :D

This rifle was one of the ones at the ARFCOM TN shoot.


Pretty, ain’t she? Slidefire, Magpul MVG, Magpul MOE Handguard. Beautiful.

But there’s a problem.



The EOTech (either an XPS2 or an XPS3, I can’t tell) had it’s lower piece of glass just kind of banging around inside the housing.

That’s a bad day. I think the same gentleman also had a BCG lock up inside a rifle. Really, really bad day.

The very first time I ever went shooting with Oleg, two very embarrassing things happened.

  1. I was the reason we had to wear hearing protection, because I was the only one without suppressors
  2. The alkaline batteries in my EOTech 512 had blown up and corroded the battery compartment, rendering it useless

I also didn’t have backup irons on that rifle. I pretty quickly was able to repair the EOTech (replacement parts are cheap) and within a couple of weeks had put on an MBUS rear sight and a YHM Front Sight.

There is an argument to be made about not putting backup sights on all your rifles, but two is one and one is none. You can do what this guy did, though: Bring lots of rifles :D

Laws are weird…

In one of the irc channels I hang out in, one of my local friends asked me for some clarification on the knife bill that’s currently sitting on Gov. Haslam’s desk waiting for his signature.  Specifically, he was asking about the legality of carrying the sword cane he owns.  He knew that soon to be law would clear it as far as length of blade goes, but was thinking that there might have been an issue due to it being a hidden or disguised blade.

I assured him that, as far as I’ve been able to find, there’s nothing on the books in TN stating that a knife has to look like a knife.  I then went on to tell him that, oddly enough, if a cop decided that he was carrying it “with the intent to go armed,” he might be more in trouble for carrying the cane than the blade hidden inside.  See, TN requires you to be certified with the state if you want to carry a cane/baton/stick/etc with the intent to go armed.

The fun part of that is that it’s actually non-trivial for the average Joe to get such a certification.  The way things are written, pretty much the only people that can get certified to teach the baton certification classes are security guard schools.  Often times, these schools will require you to go through all their training courses to get the baton certification, and those that don’t run classes sporadically.  So, in practice, it’s easier to get a permit to carry a gun (I have a hard time not tripping over ads for those classes) than it is to carry a stick.

So… at current time, I can legally carry a knife under 4″ (soon to just be “carry a knife”) without permit, I have a permit to carry a gun, but I can’t legally carry a freaking stick for self protection (since I have no permit for that).  How does that make sense?

Oh, there is a slight loop hole that I told the guy.  Since it’s a cane, he can claim that he needs it as a medical device.  Which, considering he’s already had a couple knee surgeries, isn’t too hard a sell.

Deal Alert!

If you’ve ever been interested in picking up a camping hammock, Sport.Woot is selling some for cheap today.  I bought some of the ones with the built in mosquito netting for my nephews who are in the Boy Scouts (and one for me for… uh… “testing”).  The one with the netting works for me at 6’3″, but is a little too short for me to properly lay diagonally in one.  The double sized one should work great for you if you’re tall like me, but doesn’t have the bug net.

I will warn that these are like most camping hammocks and do not come with straps or ropes to actually tie them to a tree, and if you’re wanting them for actually camping, you’ll probably also want a rain fly, which is also not included.  I’ll try to be a good blogger and to a post on my set up later.


That bill to repeal the ban on buying/owning/selling switchblades and carrying blades larger than 4″ here in TN?  It’s passed the State House!

So… now it’s off to the Governor’s desk to sign, and it passed with more than enough votes in both houses of the state legislature that they could override a veto if Haslam decides to veto it for some reason.

Now to start shopping for switchblades…

Gun Porn: “Finished” 700 Edition

When I made my initial post about the ARFCOM Hometown shoot, I realized that I hadn’t posted any updates about what I did to the Remington 700 AAC-SD I bought in January, despite having taken several rounds of pictures.

Bad blogger. No cookie!

So here goes:

The first thing I did was get an EGW HD 20 MOA scope base. The HD model is steel instead of aluminium.




Next up was the YHM Muzzle Brake that fits my suppressor:

Fun Fact: I called three gunsmiths to try to have one install this for me. Each one said a version of “Really? Any idiot can install these. Why would you pay me do to this?” (Hint: Because YHM says to have a qualified gunsmith do the install)

Then came the scope and rings. My original plan was to get something in the $600 range for the scope, and about $100 for the rings. The money didn’t end up working out, so I got a Millett TRS-1. I got the .1 mil version, because FarmDad told me not to get a mildot scope with MOA adjustments, because it’ll mess with you. The scope gets “good for the money” reviews pretty much everywhere. It’s got fanciness like locking target turrets and a side parallax knob, and comes with a sunshade, flip open caps, and an illuminated mildotbar (not to be confused with mildot, which I did confuse it with). I’ll do a more in-depth review of the scope later but the short version is that about 10 minutes after I took it out of the box I decided I that while I won’t be returning this one, I likely wouldn’t buy it again.

For the rings…. well, due to the aforementioned budgetary problems, I wasn’t going to have rings by the time the ARFCOM shoot was scheduled so my friend James lent me some Warne 214M rings:

Now, when mounting a scope the idea is to get it as low as possible. With a 50mm objective that’s still going to be pretty high. The idea was to take the Warne rings, mount the scope, take some measurements, and then order some lower rings. When I mounted it all up, I got this:


Ignore that there’s only one ring.


The distance between the bell and the barrel is about 6mm.


But the distance between the rail and the magnification ring is, well, the ring actually sits lower than the rail. That means that this is as far forward as the scope can go with these rings. I didn’t think that was going to be a problem based on some measurements I took, but the first time I fired the gun i got scope to the forehead. More on that at a later date.

After I got the scope loosely mounted, I did the same procedure to raise the comb that I did on my 10/22 (using another Allen Company Buttstock Shell Holder and Pouch), minus drilling holes in the stock. Not doing that ended up biting me at the ARFCOM shoot. After that I tightened down the scope mounts, added the rail from the cheap chinese bipod I bought last summer, and packed everything up to go shoot it:


Wait. Something’s missing:

Ah. That’s better.

I titled this post “finished” because as we all know a rifle is never, ever, actually complete. It’s a continuous improvement process. Because of the dismal performance last weekend (which, again, I’ll post more on later) at least one part between the barrel and my eyes is probably going to need to be replaced. That bipod is completely temporary until I get a Harris HBLS. The screws aren’t torqued to spec. The rail isn’t bedded. I need a better stock but that’s not happening until I can outshoot the rifle. I’d like a scope level. But all those things can wait for now.

Dear Al Gore


Please take shit with you when you leave to go back to one of your 6 houses that aren’t in Nashville.

Seriously, it’s freaking late March and it’s snowing like it’s January.

I am so sunburned…

but this was totally worth it.

AAR with pictures and a couple of videos to come later this week. Spoiler: My most recent purchase did not do so well. Kinda embarrassing, actually.

Me? Oh I was fine hittin 8″ steel plates at 650yds. With someone else’s .308.

Remember when µTorrent was, um, µ?

µTorrent 3.2.3, running for 10 days:

µTorrent 3.4, running for 12 hours:

Way to go, guys.

Daily Random

My wife is wanting me to take her to Pull-A-Part.

UPDATE: I’m being told that there is a correction to be made.  This post should read “My wife wants me to go *with* her to Pull-A-Part.”

If you’re in TN, contact your state reps!

Look like the bill to remove the ban on switchblades and carrying knives over 4″ is heading to the house floor.  Hopefully, they won’t have the issue that they did last year where a sheriff with PSH convinced the House that these knives were too evil and scary for the general public.

I’ve already informed Naienko that I’ll be buying at least one more knife if this passes, because, well, I want a switchblade, damnit.