Gun Porn: M&P10

When I’m “done” with my Remington 700, I’m probably going to have spent enough just to have started here:


Here’s what I think is on this rifle. If I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments and I’ll correct it!
Trijicon ACOG TA55A
MIdwest Industries 2 Piece Carbine Handguard
Harris BRM-S Hinged BiPod with the “S” Lock
Larue Tactical LT130 Bipod Moount
“A free laser I got out of the parts bin”

That moment when you think “maybe I’m bringing too much…”


Naaaaaaaah. See some of you tomorrow :-D

Why did RAM prices double?

Two years ago I bought a pair of 8GB DDR3-1600 sticks for $86. Now, they’re $155.

It’s not like DDR4 and DDR5 came out, and now I’m looking for stuff that’s no longer manufactured. What happened?

(Hard drive prices are still higher than when I bought my last pair of 2tb drives, but there was a natural disaster that wiped out most of the factories. That I understand. This baffles me.)

I think there’s a new policy in the Nashville Police Department

I’ve been noticing a lot of stories over the last couple of years about MNPD officers being decommissioned for misbehavior. As I understand it, “suspended with/without pay” leaves the officer with the ability to carry a gun everywhere and other perks of being a police officer, but decommissioning removes all the superpowers.

I don’t recall any decommissionings during the last chief’s employment, but it happens A LOT now. Arrested for DUI? Decommissioned. Hit your wife? Decommissioned. Having mid-shift, er, meetings with a woman in a park? Decommissioned.

So last Friday when Officer Nathan Silvers showed up 15 minutes late to his shift drunk, it came as no surprise that he was decommissioned. His Sergeant and his Captain made the decision to decommission him, drive him home, and have him report to HQ first thing Monday morning.

What did come as a surprise was the Chief’s reaction when he woke up Saturday morning and found out about it.

He decommissioned and immediately suspended the Sergeant and the Captain because they didn’t arrest the officer for DUI and illegal possession of a firearm*!

I’m pretty sure Chief Anderson is sending this message: “No, seriously you guys, I’m not going to tolerate this crap. If you see a brother officer committing a crime and turn a blind eye, there will be repercussions.”

The Captain took early retirement and the Sergeant has received a 15 day suspension.

Good for the Chief.

*TN State law says you can’t be in possession of a firearm if you have any alcohol in your system. There are no exceptions for police.

Gun Porn: Welcome to the Party, Pal

Obviously on the same table as the HK SBR from last week, we have a Steyr AUG A3

I really wish I’d taken a better picture of this. Or more pictures.

I can’t see one of these without thinking of Die Hard.

Training Tip: Leave Your Ego at the Door

This past weekend, I was helping run a local scifi convention.  Among other things, my martial arts instructor and I ran a self-defense seminar.  It seems like every time you run one of these things, there are at least one of two types of guys that show up that let their egos get in the way of training.  We had both of them.

The first type is the Macho Guy.  The macho guy doesn’t seem to understand the fact that we practice things at half speed and not at full force for a very good reason, often for their safety.

The examples (there were 2) were doing their best to resist anything we demonstrated on them.  Since they came in late, they were right on time for wrist locks.  This pretty much means that, instead of being nice and gentle, I had to be a bit meaner and cause them more pain.

The second type is the Know-It-All.  This guy is the one that apparently already knows everything better than the instructor and tells people “well, I would do this instead…”  Basically, he tries to hijack the class.

We had one of these in our class.  He was an older gentleman that resembled George R.R. Martin and studied Akido sometime in the past.  I know, because he made sure to tell me a few times.  In particular, when we were teaching a way to escape a headlock, he said he would rather drop to a knee and send an uppercut to the balls.  While this is effective if it connects, it puts you in rather bad situation if you fail.  Add to that the fact that he, like most older folks with weight issues, had bad knees and had to struggle to stand back up, and I wouldn’t really recommend it.  Of course, he refused to see how that technique had some issues.

Remember that you’re there to learn.  There are probably reasons that the instructor is having you do things a certain way.  If you don’t know why, it’s perfectly ok to ask, but saying “this is stupid, I’d do this,” is not ok.  Also, remember that the instructor cares about your safety (or at least should), and that’s why they don’t start off with full force.  In my case, that’s to avoid broken bones, in a gun class it’s to avoid extra holes in people.  Recognize that this is a courtesy to you, and give them the same.

TLDR version: You can learn a lot more if you check you ego at the door.

I’ve been saying this for years

Credit cards have expiration dates. Laws should too.

When I first started watching TN House Subcommittee meetings, I saw something that has stuck with me: A legislator brought in a bill to remove the prohibition on aquariums in barber shops. Everyone in the room was baffled as to why this was a law in the first place. Over the years I have assumed that there was a health scare whenever that law was enacted, but I haven’t taken the time to really track it down.

Of course, just repealing something without knowing why it was law in the first place is such a bad idea that there’s a name for it: Chesterton’s Fence

The Boston Globe author says we should have a mandatory 12-15 year sunset but even then I think it’s been too long. I think two years would be sufficient to see the effects of any proposal, yet not be far enough in the past for no one to remember why the law was there in the first place. Two years is also convenient from a political standpoint because that’s the rotation of Congress.

If a law is passed along party lines that is so egregious that the voting public severely punishes the ruling party (Obamacare, anyone?), then literally all the new majority has to do is nothing and it goes away.

I’d also like to see a provision where no new business can be conducted until a vote on existing laws has taken place, and no votes on anything can occur until the Speaker of the House has read, verbatim, with no breaks and no surrogates, the law about to be voted on.

Things like murder, rape, and robbery would continue to be illegal. Things like selling orchids without all the proper paperwork would not. In fact, the paperwork would be gone, too.

What say you? How would you improve the system?

Tactical Dog + fireworks down the street


= cowering under the clothes in mom and dad’s closet.

And it’s off

My Remington 700 is on its way to New York to get the trigger pack fixed.

Correspondence from Remington says it’ll be 2-3 weeks from the time they receive it, which will probably be Monday. Add in Independence Day and transit times and I’m probably looking at mid-July before I get it back.

That puts it at 3 months from the time I submitted my serial number for recall to when I might get it back.

And I only shot it once.


Gun Porn: HK SBR


I have an irrational want for that. Pistol caliber carbine with a short barrel? Makes about as much sense as a football bat.

But lawd that’s sexy.

It appears to be a USC to UMP conversion done by HDPS

Magpul MOE RVG
HDPS Rails
YHM Flash Suppressor/suppressor mount, which I believe makes that a 9mm