New Jeep!

Ever since I sold my last one, I’ve regretted it. I’ve owned two cherokees (a 93 police package and a 99) and loved them both dearly. They both developed electrical problems and due to time, money, and storage limits they had to go.

For about 6 months I’ve been looking for another one. Jeep stopped […]

A great story on why everyone needs an emergency fund

Over at Thomas J. Stanley’s blog.

(He’s the guy that wrote The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind.)

The Economist Vs The Straw Man

Instapundit linked to an article over the weekend originally titled The Envelope Method for Household Budgets is a Bad Idea (now titled “You’re probably doing your household budget all wrong”). Since I’ve been using that method for about 10 years now with great success, I clicked through.

What I found was the most horrible piece […]

Notes from the weekend: HOLY CRAP THAT WAS FAST Edition

Listed the house on Friday morning. Three showings over the weekend and we’re mulling over one offer. The two that didn’t make an offer were buyer-side problems. All the realtors said the house showed really well.

About 90% of the houses that fit our criteria are under contract. If we accept this offer, we basically […]

The Freight Train

That’s what I got. And yes, it’s got baby seal skin seats.

2002 Ford Excursion Limited Ultimate. I went with a V10 instead of a diesel, because for the extra $7-10,000 a diesel was going to cost me, I decided I’d just buy a commuter car.

This one gets 15mpg on the highway, 12 […]

It’s been 10 years since I built my last computer

And I’m about to do it again.

I bought my last one about four and a half years ago for less than I could’ve built one. Quad core, lots of memory, dual head PCIx video card…$400-ish.

Well, that one just died in less than spectacular fashion. Again. The drive I got two months ago is […]


A few things that aren’t worth their own posts, but that I wanted to mention anyway:

I finally got around to ordering the UTG Defender Tactical Xenon Flashlight Brass suggested in my Weapon Light Bleg post from…April. Should be here by Monday. I figure at $35, if it works, great! If it doesn’t seem very […]

Is it just me?

Or did brass cased 5.56 prices skyrocket in the last month? I swear 1000rds of SS109 was $300 shipped. Now it’s more like $380.

Hard to budget when that happens.

I’m having a hard time following the logic here

First off, let’s remember that the reason the economy is in the crapper is because people who shouldn’t have gotten loans to buy houses got loans to buy houses, cars, jacuzzi tubs, and jetskis and ridiculously low interest rates based on nothing more than “I want it and deserve it because I breathe air!” When […]

Say what you want about the pantsless lifestyle….

…but the man sure does good work. I no longer have those God awful default headers rotating through. I also have a nifty logo! Always wanted a personal logo. Might drop by The Hacker Consortium in the next couple of weeks to get some time with their laser engraver and vinyl cutter.

I think […]