Talk to me about 80% lowers and jigs

Why is an 80‰ lower $80 plus another $80 for the jig while a 100% lower can be had for $65?

Am I looking in the wrong places?

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  • HSR47

    Volume, supply, and demand.

    The really cheap AR15 receivers are built in large batches, and are often sold in largish quantities in minimal packaging. This tends to keep costs low.

    80-percent lowers are built in smaller batches, and sold on a piece-by-piece basis in more substantial packaging.

  • Ponklemoose

    Ares Armor usually has a poly lower and jig kit for $80.

    But clearly the buyers value the anonymity of not filling out a 4473.

  • jimmie

    80% lowers are not meant for people who can and will walk into a store and buy a lower. They are made for people who dont want to be on “the list”. Also for people in states where you cant buy an ar. The list people are funny, i ended up with about 5 stripped lowers because i got them cheap. Guy i worked with wanted to buy them from me because no background check. Now i know he can own them because of his cwp, not really wanting to sell them and not liking the guy i said $150 each. He bought all 5 and i made $100 off each one.

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