Time to go hug your family and friends

I’m hoping that your family and friends are having a better Christmas season than mine are.

Just got news that one of my friends had a stroke last night.  He’s in the hospital, and the doctors are saying that he probably has 3 or 4 days to live.

A friend of a friend is in the beginning stages of a divorce with an abusive husband.  She’s taken out an order of protection on him, and had to call the cops on him a couple times in the past couple months.  Oh, and that includes when he kicked the driver’s side door hard enough to leave damage while she was in the car and then take off with their 3 year old kid a couple days ago.  I’ll be meeting with her in the morning to go over some hand-to-hand self defense stuff, and maybe get her going on buying a gun (the gun thing *will* happen, it’s just a question of when).

Hope you’re having a less eventful.  Excuse while I go hug my wife.

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