Alarming discovery in a small shop in NYC

The wife and I recently took a trip to NYC, and we stepped inside a shop on 5th avenue to check out what they had.  It was a nice Italian designer of outdoors clothes.

beretta_1As you can see, pretty upscale.  This picture was taken from the second floor.  Here’s a shot of that floor.

beretta_2The store was full of high end outdoors and what might be considered hunting clothes.  Nice jackets that I would love, if only I could afford them.

Oh… and the store clerk told me that there was a third floor that I had to see.  Hmmm… the stairs were a bit hidden, but I was able to find them.  Walk up the stairs, only to discover this horrible secret!

beretta_3My god! a room full of guns!

20141021_114412All the wonderful… I mean terrible guns!

If you guys haven’t been able to tell by now, this is the Beretta Gallery in New York.  The third floor houses both their gun room and their gun smith’s workshop.  Of course, it being NY, they don’t carry Beretta’s pistols or “tactical” line of long guns, but the rifles and shotguns that they do have are absolute works of art.

20141021_114707One or two of these shotguns are worth more than my car… but they’re sooo pretty.

I kind of chuckled when the guy behind the counter on the first floor asked if I was familiar with the Beretta brand.

I did manage to find a knife that I could afford (I looked at a hat I liked, but it was $140, and the flasks were $120).  I’ll write up an post about that later.

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