K2KC week 4

Well… we’re in the final stretch of Kilted to Kick Cancer month, and… um… I’m nowhere near the top of the list.  Of course, this is about raising money for a good cause, and every bit helps.  Hell, I’ll just pretend that the donations that weren’t assigned to anyone were actually mine and feel better.  🙂

Speaking of throwing money at a good cause.  If you’ve got some spare cash to donate to prostrate cancer research, I’d appreciate it if you did so by following this link, clicking on the “team donation” check box, and selecting Team Oddball.

And on to the fun stuff.

Fun fact: my wife (then girlfriend) spent 4 years pestering me to buy my first kilt.  I now own one for every day of the week.


And with this shirt, I have to post this song:

By the way, Marc Gunn is an great musician and an awesome guy.  If you’re interested in filk or more traditional Irish music, check him out here.

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