This almost happened to me once…

Police: Teens Used Trash Cans To Ambush, Rob Driver

Three teens were taken into custody after police said they used trashcans to ambush a driver and rob him.

A Davidson County affidavit said 18-year-old Eduardo Pizana pulled two trash cans out into the roadway in an attempt to stop cars as they passed. The two other teens acted as lookouts in some nearby bushes.

After an SUV stopped to move the trash cans, police said Pizana walked up to the driver, pulled out a gun, and demanded money.

About two years ago, me and Tactical Dog took the Excursion to a local fast food drive thru at around 8pm, about 3 miles from where the incident above took place. I ordered our food (she used to get french fries, but then she got to be a fatty so we stopped doing that) and when I pulled around there was a cart of bread pallets sitting in the middle of the drive thru.

Not being able to move forward with that in the way, and not seeing any employees who might have left it there temporarily, I got out to move it. The cart appeared to come from a brick-walled storage area behind the restaurant, so I started pushing it back into that area.

As I got closer, I smelled cigarettes, so I figured someone was being a slacker and taking a smoke break while moving the pallets and for whatever reason just left them there. So when I came around the corner and saw two guys on my left smoking, I wasn’t surprised. I said hi, they said “uh…hi?” and I rolled the cart in. I remember thinking that they were probably startled by the openly-carried Glock on my hip which was clearly visible to them because of where they were standing and how I entered the area.

About this time, Tactical Dog loses her freaking mind. I turn around to head back to the car and see a guy running away from the truck with his afterburners on. I got back in, scolding the dog for scaring someone for no reason.

It was probably a half hour later when it dawned on me that the two guys in the storage area weren’t wearing fast food uniforms and the running man didn’t run to a car in the fast food parking lot. So they probably would’ve had me if not for the dog. Well, that, and the fact that the Excursion had remote start so even though it was running, the doors were locked and the keys were in my pocket.

So score one for open carry preventing a crime! Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps.

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