Embody Update

His hearing on a motion to dismiss was pushed back to August 15th.

This one is for his refusal to show his paperwork for his suppressor when asked. The article says:

Embody maintains he did nothing wrong and said no one acknowledged or accepted the paperwork he was carrying with him at the time.

…but according to comments he made on this site, that’s not true.

The form 3 was in the sealed and locked case along with the firearm. The police have been in possession of the form 3 for days…

The pigs partially opened it up on the side of the street. It took several minutes for two of them to partially open it. They repeatedly asked me for keys, but I pled the fifth. They took me to jail and booked me a couple of hours later. They stripped searched me specifically looking for keys to open the cable lock. Not finding any keys, then they decided it would be best to obtain at warrant to cut the lock to see if it was loaded. They cut the lock at about 9pm that night after getting a warrant. The form 3 was inside. Charges are still good and court is on the 20th of Aug. 9am.

He chose to go to jail rather than display the documents he had in his possession.

6 comments to Embody Update

  • I really wish this tool would stop “helping”.

  • Michael

    I met the guy once. He was a little weird.

    So, I kinda understand his point, normally, even if I don’t like the tactics. This one, however, is a little odd. What’s the point?

  • JCook

    Embody is not attempting to “help” anyone but himself. Unfortunately he chose to use firearms as his tool of choice. His goal is to goad the police and/or the state into doing something he can successfully sue them for, nothing more. Anything he says about firearms rights or gun owners rights is a sham.

  • Mr Evilwrench

    Sounds like the Westboro Baptist of gunowners.

  • Renegade_Azzy

    So Im not up on this.. but how is it a crime to not show your tax documents to the police? That is the issue here, right?

    If he committed no crime, why would he have to volunteer that info?

    • Silencers are illegal in Tennessee, unless you pay the federal tax and retain the paperwork.

      He was arrested because he wouldn’t show them that he’d paid the tax and retained the paperwork.

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