Some house keeping

If you’ve been hit by one of those annoying “please wait x seconds for a word from our sponsor” ads, please know that this is not intentional.  Turns out sitemeter has decided to turn into adware and inject this redirect code into our website.  At least, according to this site, and this site, that is the case.

Wizard will be removing sitemeter from our site when he gets home from work tonight (Done – ed.), and I suggest you do the same if you have it installed on anything you own.

2 comments to Some house keeping

  • I’m surprised Sitemeter is still around. It stopped working for me back in Spring of last year, so I removed it, and I understand a lot of people did the same. What good is hit-counter if it neither counts nor tracks your hits?

  • Thanks for letting us know about this; I had all-but forgotten that I had Sitemeter’s code still on my site.

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