That moment when you know things might go sideways

Had one of those “fun” experiences last night.

We had a buddy of mine over last night for some bad movies and dinner.  This particular friend has never bothered to get a driver’s license, which means that I picked him up and dropped him off at his place.

He lives in a lower income neighborhood.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt worried about being in that neighborhood, but it’s also not exactly the best part of town.  His house is near the end of a dead end street in a fairly quiet sub-division.  While there are street lights, they’re few and far in between.

I’m driving him home sometime between 10:30 and 11pm.  As we were driving down his street, we pass a guy (I’ll refer to him as idiot #1) walking down the middle of the street with a big wheel slung over his back.  He doesn’t really seem to pay much attention to the fact that there’s a car coming up behind him, and starts twirling the big wheel around and generally acting like a goofball as we pass him.  I conclude that it’s probably some idiot teenager that’s decided to ride his kid sister’s (it was pink) big wheel down the hill and is walking back up for another go.

As we’re driving up the hill, we pass another guy about the same age (idiot #2) standing in middle of the oncoming lane of the road.  Doesn’t seem to really give a shit whether I’m there or not, and is looking at idiot #1.  Something in the back of my head tells me to keep an eye on this one.

About half a block or so later, I pull over in front of my buddy’s house and let him out.  All the time watching the rear view mirror to keep an eye on the two idiots.  As my buddy gets out and heads for the house, idiot #1 meets idiot #2, and they start walking down the middle of the street in our direction.

I try to keep them in site as I turn the car around while also keeping an eye on my buddy entering his house.  As I finish turning the car around, I notice that idiot #2 has slung his backpack around and is reaching into it for something.  And this is where all sorts of warning bells start screaming in my head.

Quick assessment time.  There are kids playing in the street about half a block behind me (yes, it’s late for that, but it’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend), my buddy has opened the door to his place and is walking in, idiot #1 is still acting like a goof ball, and idiot #2 has his hand in his backpack and a very serious expression on his face.  The street in front of me is clear and straight, and I’m in a big ass Cadillac with damn near 300HP under the hood.

The thing running through my mind at the time “looks like I may have to run over someone tonight.”

I slowly drive by the two idiots, and I swear idiot #2 and I were staring at each other.

They kept walking and I kept driving.  Never did see what idiot #2 had in his bag.  Oh… and I called my buddy up to tell him to be on alert.

Everyone stay safe out there, and keep your eyes peeled.

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