Speaking of get togethers…

I know a bunch of folks are getting ready to head to Indy for the NRAAM (myself included), but I thought I’d mention the Bidet Shoot 2 again.

We are definitely on for June 20-22.  I think the hotel we stayed in last year worked out well, so we’ll be there again, and I believe that Roadkill is securing us a place to grill out for dinner on Saturday.

If you need info on where this hotel is, leave a comment and I’ll put you on the list for the email I need to shoot out to everyone.  Hell, just leave a comment if you want in on the mailing list at all.  Those that showed up last year know about my amazing organization skills, so… umm… yeah…

Anyways… back to packing.

Oh… and I may actually have media credentials at NRAAM.  It’s almost like I know what I’m doing with this blogging thing.

And if you want to find me at NRAAM?  I’ll be one of two guys wearing kilts.  (hint: I have never had mutton chops a glorious as the other guy)

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