5.11 Kilts are Back

Apparently 5.11 has decided to bring back their tactical kilts and make a new video for April fools this year.  As of today, they’re taking orders for them.  Same as last year, they’re asking $70 for them with $10 going going to charity.  The charities this year being FBINAA and We Salute You Veterans.  My guess is that they’ve decided that they wouldn’t be able to out do coming out with the kilt 2 years ago, and, hell, people have actually been buying these things.

I compared the ones that I got from the original run to my Utilikilts here.  Considering the massive price difference, I’d say the 5.11 kilts are a pretty damn good deal.  Most of the other utility kilts that I’ve seen that are near the price point the 5.11 is at are not nearly as good.

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