Dust Collection for a Dewalt Miter Saw

I picked up a Dewalt DW715 12-Inch Compound Miter saw during a Black Friday sale. I’ve been doing some furniture building and figured it would come in handy.

It's so pretty...

It’s so pretty…

See that little bag on the back? That’s ostensibly for dust collection. I may have been expecting too much out of it, but after my first dozen or so cuts on a set of 2x4s I went to empty the bag and there wasn’t anything in it. There was plenty of dust in the air and around the saw, though. So I decided to just hook up my shop vac to the dust port. Should be easy, right?

I did a little bit of Googling and found a woodworkers’ forum where someone said the dust collection port was 1.5″, so a 1.5″ vacuum hose should work. Well my shop vac has a 2.5″ hose so I just bought this without really paying attention to the description. Key bit: Use 1 1/2-inch hose with 2 1/2-inch accessories.

Not exactly what I was looking for...

Not exactly what I was looking for…

So I go to the home improvement store and pick up a Shop-vac 2-1/2″ to 1-1/4″ Conversion Unit. You might notice that it’s a 1.25″ adapter, not a 1.5″ adapter. Apparently, those are not made, but I figure it may fit the inside diameter of the Dewalt port. While I’m there, I also pick up a Shop-vac Universal Tool Adapter, because, hey, “Universal.”

So here’s the 1.25″ adapter:

Hotdog. Hallway. You get the picture.

Hotdog. Hallway. You get the picture.

Yeah….that’s not gonna work.

And here’s the “Universal” adapter:

Universal....between shop-vac brand accessories.

Universal….between shop-vac brand accessories.

Same problem, but different.

So now I’m getting a little bit frustrated. The next time I go to the store (we were doing a bathroom remodel so I was at Lowe’s or Home Depot like every 6 hours for a month), I pick up a 1.5-Inch Contractor Hose I’ll spare you the suspense and tell you now–that didn’t work either. The inside diameter of the hose was not large enough to fit over the dust port, and the outside diameter of the hose was too large to reliably use a coupler.

At this point I’m just trying shit. Clearly it’s not a 1.5″ port. Or 1.5″ hoses aren’t 1.5″ ID or OD.

I go order a 1.25-Inch hose. The wand on the end is comically large, but it fits. Sort of:

Do you see the problem?

Do you see the problem?

The dust port is actually in the arm of the saw, so it rotates. When the saw is all the way up, the wand can fall back. When you go to use the saw again, this can happen:

That would make for an exciting time.

That would make for an exciting time.

So now I do what I should have done in the beginning:

Did I say inch and a half? I meant inch and twenty-one thirty-seconds. My bad.

Did I say inch and a half? I meant inch and twenty-one thirty-seconds. My bad.

And the inside diameter:

Or maybe I meant inch and three eighths.

Or maybe I meant inch and three eighths.

I take my calipers to the store, go to the plumbing aisle, discover that 1.5″ PVC Pipe fittings have an inside diameter of about 1.66″ to accommodate wall thickness. I buy a 1.25″ Schedule 40 male adapter, a 1.5″ x 1.25″ male adapter, and a 1.25″ slip coupler. I figure I can use one of my hoses with the male adapters, and just use some 1.25″ PVC pipe if I really need to.

Well. It turns out…

If you take the wand off the 1.25-Inch hose, the end of the hose fits perfectly in the 1.25″ slip coupler.*

This is not the wand you're looking for.

This is not the wand you’re looking for.

The corrugated end even fits over the ridge in the middle to keep it in place!

Tab A

Tab A

Slot B

Slot B

And voila!

Friction, baby!

Friction, baby!

All Done!

All Done!

And the good news, of course, is that I’ll never need another adapter again. I already have them all.

Gotta catch em all

*The original version of this post incorrectly stated that a 1.5″ coupler was used. This is what I get for hitting publish before checking my receipts.

18 comments to Dust Collection for a Dewalt Miter Saw

  • Lazy Bike Commuter

    I think I would have ended up using the 1.25″ adapter, shimming it with duct tape.

  • ChrisJ

    The next time you run into something like that check out Woodcraft.


    They should have everything you need for dust collection.

  • jon spencer

    If your shop-vac has a exhaust port that fits a hose and your shop has a exterior wall.
    Run a hose from that port to a through the wall fitting.
    The larger pieces sucked into the vacuum will be in the can and the fine dust will go outside.

  • Lane

    Wow, so glad I found this. I just bought this saw, and was just about to repeat the exact exercise you did.

    Thanks for taking the time to write this up. I am grateful.

  • David

    Have you looked at either of these?

    DEWALT D279053 1-1/2-Inch O.D. to 2-1/4-Inch O.D. Tool Adapter


    DEWALT DWV9140 2-1/4-Inch OD Adapter

    One thing I noticed… when I was testing the 1 1/4 coupler in the store.. the display was a type 2 model.. and it fit very loose. But when I brought it home to my type 3 it was snug as a bug! I did have to put electrical tape around the hose to make it fit in snug.. that part was loose for me.

  • Alan

    Thanks for this. Being naive, I made the mistake of buying the universal adaptor also . I solved the problem differently though. I took the dust bag provided (that does nothing) apart so that I could use the plastic piece that connects to the saw. Also, used a couple pieces of pvc left over from a plumbing project. Some electrical tape so it is all black and looks pretty. Works perfectly for no additional cost. Tomorrow, I will return the universal adaptor.

  • Tom

    I have this saw. Really appreciate you making this information available

  • Allen L

    Thank you for writing this. I also gathered a large collection adapters for my Dewalt miter saw and nothing worked. I went and bought the 1.25″ coupler and a Home Depot Buckethead 5 Gal vacuum. When I got home I found that the hose end of a HD Buckethead slides right into the vacuum port on the saw and even snaps into place thanks to a widened ring around the hose end. This works better for me because I can quickly slide it out and use 1.25″ vacuum accessories to clean up the area. That being said, your system will work best for a standard 1.25″ hose but I wanted to point out that the current (2/21/16) Buckethead works great too.

  • DRLeisy

    Very interesting right up! I have gone through almost the same thing so I have a DWS 779, which is the 12 inch slider. I believe the end of the port tube is the same as what you have. It must be because of the pain in the foot. I’m interested to know how all of this works out for you because once I got hooked up and I turned on my vacuum the wimpy little rubber flanges near the blade just sucked into the hole. Apparently my shop vac by rigid is three or four times too powerful to work properly with the saw. Very frustrating.

  • Jacob

    haha.. I was midway through this exercise but instead of making another trip to Home Depot, figured I’d look it up. Thanks so much for posting this!

  • I need a dust collection hose for my DW621 router. Does the dust extraction hose on your website fit all DeWalt power tools, ie. Saw, Router, Band saw, etc or does each power tool need a different diameter hose? I’m guessing the former but it pays to make sure.

  • Michael

    I had some time to wander my local hardware store trying to adapt the 1 7/8 OD hose of my Rigid vac to thw 1 11/16 OD Dewalt port of the 12″ mitre saw. I settled on a 1.5 to 1.25 femco reducer. Clamps right onto the saw, and friction-fits nicely with the vac hose.

  • Ray

    Now, how can we rig the shop vac to turn on when the saw is turned on??? On a flooring job, turning on a shop vac on every time you need a cutoff is time consuming and a PIA.

    • Neo

      Just get an auto power switch. You plug in the saw to the switch and then the switch to the wall.. it sense current and turn son the accessory plug > your vac. It even leaves it on for a few seconds longer to clear the line. ~$22 bucks… worth every penny.

  • RB

    I’m looking for a similar remedy for my miter saw… Glad you came up with a solution for yours. I must be missing something obvious here, so perhaps you can spell it out for me: if you have a 1.25″ hose connected to your saw, isn’t there still the problem of connecting that 1.25″ hose to your shop vac, which accommodates a 2.5″ hose?

  • Fitz

    Nicely done! I wonder since you can hit PVC with a heat gun then bend it, possibly you could do the same with the end of one of these adapters: heat it up then jam something in there to expand the piece to the desired size, or use a band clamp to make it slightly smaller.

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