Update on the Bersa Thunder 9 Pro

Just a quick update.  I’ve been having problems with my Bersa Thunder 9 Pro failing to extract since I bought it.  After some research, I guessed it was the extractor (which apparently did have a bad run a while back).  I called Bersa up,* told them what was going on, and they sent me a new one.

At which point the new extractor sat on my shelf for several months…

Yesterday morning, I finally decided to attack the problem.  What I feared was going to be a difficult task turned out to be “remove slide, drift out one pin, replace extractor.”

Conveniently, I was set to meet up with Wizard and a couple other folks at the range yesterday afternoon.  I’m happy to report that I ran a box of ammo through it without issue instead of having to clear jams on a regular basis.

I’m now debating if I want to use it for my next IDPA match or my Beretta Px4.

*This was also the same time I ordered a new slide catch for my Thunder 380.  After a few thousand rounds through it, the catch had rounded off to the point that the slide wouldn’t lock back.

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