Notes from the weekend

DWH became a daddy. Cute kid, notwithstanding 😀

Fall is apparently here now. It was 45 degrees Saturday morning.

Speaking of Fall, my new house has trees. Lots of them. With leaves. That are coming off. This is a new and frightening experience for me, because it might mean manual labor.

Protip: When ordering an M1 Sling because you want one for next time you do an Appleseed, make sure you don’t order an M-1 Carbine Sling. They’re not the same thing.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here before, but I’m in the process of building some wood furniture for the new house. I’m using the wood from the staircases that we had redone. I’ve learned some valuable lessons, like “don’t use reclaimed wood if you don’t have to.” I finally got all the individual panels for this entertainment center built, and they’re in the garage for priming, painting, and final assembly. I GET TO USE A NAILGUN!

I’ve gone full circle with my M&P15-22. It went from “Carbine Trainer” to “Appleseed rifle” and is now back to “Carbine Trainer.” I ordered a cheapie red/green dot reflex sight and put that on this weekend. No idea when I’ll get to the range to zero it.

Work is being more….demanding lately. Not much free time on my hands and I’ve been spending it doing stuff rather than writing about doing stuff. Sorry bout that.

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  • Montieth

    Law mower with bagging attachment. Hoover upland mulch the leaves. Put in a pile int he back yard turn a few times after watering. Wait. 3 months later you have soil additive that grows things nicely.

    Or you can take the freshly mulched leaves and spread over landscaping.

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