Deal Alert

Dewalt tools on sale at Amazon.

I was a construction worker for a little bit after high school. I coveted the Dewalt 18v drill my employer issued me. Certain people may have a better formed opinion than me, seeing as my construction experience is limited to 8 months as a helper 15 years ago, but I’ve never heard anyone complain that they got a Dewalt for Christmas.

Bonus deal: I picked up this set at Lowe’s this weekend for $225.

Happy new house to me! I’ve always wanted a reciprocating saw.

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  • I have that same kit. I tossed the flashlight in the back of the toolbox and forgot about it – it’s nearly worthless, and new LED stuff goes WAY easier on batteries. The recip is a treat, the drill works fine, but my favorite is the cordless impact driver – that has been a godsend on SO many projects. Add a can of PB Blaster and life is goooooood.

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