Notes from the weekend: HOLY CRAP THAT WAS FAST Edition

Listed the house on Friday morning. Three showings over the weekend and we’re mulling over one offer. The two that didn’t make an offer were buyer-side problems. All the realtors said the house showed really well.

About 90% of the houses that fit our criteria are under contract. If we accept this offer, we basically have two houses to choose from. Both need work.

I got to use the first aid kit I bought several years ago. I bought one at Target or something (very similar to this one) to keep in the car. It’s no IFAK, but it’s got some iodine, basic bandages, some band-aids, etc. I basically dug a channel out of my finger while loading some boxes into my wife’s car. Two days later, it’s still bleeding. Glad I had it. Need to make a note to buy one for her car, too.

Getting old sucks. I somehow injured myself (to the point of barely being able to move all day yesterday)…while feeding my son yogurt.

At our realtor’s suggestion, we moved the Tactical Dog’s crate out of the living room. Should have done that a long time ago, because for the first time since we brought her home we were able to watch an entire movie without stopping to get her to calm down. That movie? The Red Dawn Remake. My one takeaway from that movie was “wow, those actors have really good trigger discipline!” So there’s that.

Blogging may be light.

1 comment to Notes from the weekend: HOLY CRAP THAT WAS FAST Edition

  • We were in the same boat a decade ago; looking for a house while trying to sell the crackerbox town home we lived in.

    One of the things that saved us was a contingency clause in the contract; basically we said we had the right to rent back the house for 2 months after it sold.

    We needed a month after the town home sold.

    Just a thought.

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