*Now* did I jump the shark?

Since my previous post about this rifle, I’ve added a couple of things:


PRI Gas Buster:

YHM Phantom Flash Hider:

Needed those, because I got this:


6 month wait this time, partially my own fault for not reading the directions (As it turns out, if you print the two-page Form 4 on two pages, ATF will reject it. Lesson learned.). Woulda been 5. Next on the list: .45 Osprey.

I bought that can from DWH in a transaction that didn’t involve a dealer. It’s been featured on Oleg’s blog as well. He sold it because he wants a titanium model instead of the heavy stainless steel.

I completely understand. My AR now weighs twelve pounds fully loaded with the can on it. After I get the Osprey, I’ll move to getting something like a Gemtech Halo and move this one to a bolt gun.

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