What does Feinstein have against accurate rifles?

So, with very little surprise, Sen. Feinstein has decided to introduce a new “assault weapons ban.”  The short of it is that it’s like the old one, except a gun needs to only have one of the evil features instead of two, bayonet lugs and flash suppressors are not longer evil, but thumb-hole stocks are.

So… say you want to build a semi-auto version of the rifles that are used for target shooting in the Olympics?  Nope… sorry.  That would be illegal.

Here‘s a link to a company that specializes in high-end target rifles like they use in the Olympics.  Notice anything about these rifles?  Just about all of them either sport a pistol grip or a thumb-hole stock.  The few that don’t have semi-pistol grips where the bend in the grip is so severe that it makes little difference.  They pretty much all also include adjustable butt-stocks that could run afoul of the “collapsable butt-stock” feature, since the type that you see on an M-4 is considered collapsible.

These features have not become popular because people like shooting from the hip or shoving full-sized rifles in coats as the anti-gun folks would lead you to believe, but because they make using the rifles more comfortable and more accurate.  I know I’m preaching to the choir on this blog, but this information is the kind of ammunition we need to fight this stuff.  There’s lots of folks out there that don’t know about guns and the best way we can fight the anti’s is by going down lists and showing why, point by point, this sort of stuff is stupid.

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