Here we go

White House endorses banning private firearm sales (which the Newtown Nutjob didn’t use) and normal capacity magazines.

Let’s see if the GOP has any backbone. I’m not hopeful.

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  • Fiftycal

    Well, of course you cannot know if someone did an “illegal” private sale unless you know how many guns they have. So mandatory licensing and registration must be included in that. And in the “pay as you go” atmosphere Obama will institute if this were ever passed, a “reasonable” licensing fee would need to be paid for each gun. I mean, like, you license cars don’t you? Surely a $50-100 a gun license fee is reasonable, right? And next year, when the fee rises to “cover inflation”, you won’t mind, say, $300-500 a year? It’s “for the children” you know. And all those lists will be handy to scoop up those guns if Obama can pack the Supreme Court and get the RIGHT to own guns overturned “for the good of the community”. Yah, time to pay attention.

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