Quick note

Went to an open shooting competition with Wizard this weekend (think IDPA + ISPA + some steel challenge thrown in for good measure).

Interesting match to participate in considering I’d only done one IDPA match before (way back in March). Instead of using the Beretta Px4 that I took last time, I decided to take my Bersa Thunder 9 Pro, and I think I will continue to do so. Don’t know why, I just like the feel and weight of it better than the Px4.

By the way, I did succeed in the same goals I had last time and didn’t come in dead last! (someone got DQ’d) I might have even beat Wizard if I hadn’t gotten excited and let my fundamentals go out the window on one stage.

Quick notes:
I’m still in awe at the speed and accuracy of many of the guys that compete on a regular basis.
I move like a glacier compared to everyone else.
It’s very tempting to run up and kick a steel target that decides to rotate when shot instead of fall down.

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