Now I remember why I stopped doing this

That new server I’m building?

Won’t boot. No POST, no beeps (and I had to drive all around town looking for a PC Speaker since for some reason Gigabyte doesn’t include an on-board speaker. WTF?)

There are rumblings on the intertubes that even though Gigabyte says the CPU I bought is compatible with this motherboard, it’s only compatible after you do a firmware update.

Which you can’t do unless you have a compatible CPU.

So I guess I’m going to see if Amazon will take this board back.

9 comments to Now I remember why I stopped doing this

  • Pyrotek85

    I still enjoy building my own machines, but I’ve learned the hard way to research the heck out of the major pieces before committing to it.

  • I didn’t really have time to research little intricacies like this. Gigabyte lists on their site that this board and processor are compatible. lists this board and processor as a working combination. It wasn’t until I had problems that I found this out.

    I’ve now learned the hard way that manufacturers and hardware review sites can’t be trusted. That makes time-sensitive (this is replacing failed hardware) purchases very, very difficult.

    • oddball

      If I remember correctly, you had a hell of a time last time you built a computer. Maybe you didn’t sacrifice the chicken the right way…

  • Will

    Fuck that. Look into Azure. Shared servers are cheap as hell and provide almost all you need. WordPress, etc. Goog (or bizzing) Scott Guthrie for all the info you need. My blog is on azure, and I don’t pay shit now. Of course, my blog has minimal traffic compared to yours… Or anybody’s.

  • Phenicks

    Not Amazon, for parts. 😉 Seriously I trust their reviews of parts a lot higher then I trust Amazon, and service and warranty support are next to no one.

    • Yeah, but I’m in Tennessee…NewEgg has a warehouse in Memphis, so that means they get to collect the 10% sales tax that Amazon doesn’t.

      I used the heck out of NewEgg when I lived in Mississippi.

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