It’s like something from a crime drama

CSI:Rural TN.

Yesterday, the big story around here was that 4 people died in a house fire. It was a couple in their 70s and their two grandchildren. In one of the stories I read, the sheriff said that it was difficult getting to one of the children’s bodies because he was special needs. They reported that the had recovered all the remains.

Until today.

Now, the TBI and local law enforcement are saying they haven’t found the children and have issued a missing persons alert. The ATF is involved, presumably because the TBI found evidence of arson. Or they’re trying to justify their existence. Hard to tell.

Note in the first article that one of the family dogs was running down the driveway on fire when the firetrucks got there. That says accelerant to me, but I’m just a layperson who liked to set fire to things as a child.

Conspicuously absent from the coverage is any mention of the children’s parents, or why the kids had been living with their grandparents for the last five years.

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