Embody loses again

Leonard Embody has lost yet another appeal regarding his detainment in a Nashville park. As it turns out, if you intentionally act suspicious in order to get the police called on you, you don’t get to complain that the police are called.

There was a new tidbit I hadn’t heard before:

A good part of the detention, moreover, came at the beck and call of Embody, who asked to speak to the police supervisor, even after being told it would delay his release.

They held him for two and a half hours. I’ve personally heard him complain that two and a half hours is an excessive amount of time if all they need to do is check to make sure the pistol is a pistol. I agree.

He neglected to mention that he intentionally prolonged the stop.

Stay classy, Leonard.

You can read the opinion here.

For his troubles, Embody has done something rare: He has taken a position on the Second and Fourth Amendment that unites the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Second Amendment Foundation. Both organizations think that the park ranger permissibly disarmed and detained Leonard Embody that day, notwithstanding his rights to possess the gun. So do we.

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