Epic Range Day

Last weekend I traveled up to Kentucky to participate in a private range session put on by one of my co-workers. It was specifically for folks that work in our business unit, and came about after a conversation that a database administrator had with a mid-level manager about Call of Duty. The manager’s teenage son is in to first person shooters, and so they came up with the idea of having this range day and inviting a bunch of folks.

Epic fun. James, the gentleman who arranged everything, has several NFA toys. His father has more. Everyone brought something, and a great time was had by all. I also got to put some faces to names I’ve known for years.

I also got to put some rounds through my brand new M&P22 with the Gemtech Outback II-D on it, as well as trying out the suppressor on the M&P15-22. The rifle is still finicky about ammo unless I coat the bolt carrier in WD-40. I also tried out some of the new CCI Low Noise .22, which was an epic fail in my autoloaders. That was my fault, as even a short Google search would have revealed that.

My favorite part of these kind of events is always when people bring their kids.

Somehow the suppressed submachinegun lying next to them didn't jump up and spray them with lead


And here is their mom shooting an Uzi:

(More videos of that day on my youtube channel)

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