GCT Marketplace: Walther P22 Barrel for sale


I’ve mentioned before that I have a first-gen Walther P22 that I can’t seem to sell, mostly because of the value of the kit.

I’ve sold the fake suppressor already.

Today I’m offering up one of the barrels. I have both the 5″ target barrel and the 3.4″ standard barrel.

Obviously, I only need one of them. I’m thinking $120 for the target, or $80 for the standard. I’d rather sell the target than the standard because if I end up having to keep the pistol, that’s the one I’d rather have (due to the suppressor I have now). I’ve already contacted the folks in the original post and they were able to get what they needed elsewhere.

So, who needs an extra barrel?

EDIT 8/15/2012:
I sold everything but the 3.4″ barrel a couple of weeks ago. Actually, I sold the short barrel before that, but due to an epic screw-up by the US Postal Service, that sale didn’t go through. So I still have it.

EDIT 2/4/2013:
All items are now sold.

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