Help me get the word out about state-level organizations

As non-RSS readers may have noticed, I now have a link on the sidebar to join the NRA*. While I have had some criticism for their marketing plan in the past, I still think it’s a valuable organization–especially at the federal level.

As a long-time member of the Tennessee Firearms Association, I have seen first hand the immense value that state level organizations have. Robb has, too.

So I am aware of the TFA, Florida Carry, CalGuns, the Illinois State Rifle Association, and The Texas State Rifle Associaion. Other states, not so much.

I could Google “$state gun rights” but I might end up with false-flag or fringe operations, so I’m asking readers to point me to the right place. I want to have a page here that lists all the state organizations to make it easy for newbies to find.

If you know a state organization, please leave a comment with the name and URL. I appreciate it!

*If you join via that link or the link in the sidebar, you’ll get $10 off a 1 year subscription.

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