I have more problems with .22 pistols…

So, I went to the range with my TKD instructor and her partner yesterday so that she could get some recoil therapy.  Among other things, I took that Browning Buck Mark I bought last week.  They brought a Mossberg 500 that the instructor bought for home defense, a couple Glocks, a couple S&W airlight .38 snubbies, an AR-7, a pimped out Ruger 10/22, and a Marlin Papoose.  Fun was had by all, and I think we killed a good bit of stress.  Everything worked great, even the Bersa 9 that was giving extractor issues on its first trip to the range.

Then, at the end, it happened.  That Buck Mark that I just bought and felt so good in my hands?  Yeah, it had a truly bizarre malfunction.  Well… um… it turned into a stainless steel Marlin Papoose.  Here’s some pics of the aftermath:

Actually, it’s not that bizarre for me.  My last .22 pistol turned into a WASR.

Turns out my instructor had been desperate enough in her search for a Papoose, that she bid on 3 different guns on an auction site… and won all three auctions.  When we sat down for lunch after the range session, she offered to trade me the stainless steel one plus $100 for the Buck Mark.  Knowing that she kept coming back to the Buck Mark and practically drooling on it, I agreed.

The Papoose is a neat little rifle.  I’m surprised how accurate it can be considering that the barrel unscrews, and there’s still enough for-stock for me to have decent purchase with my support hand.  One thing that I like about it over the AR-7 or the new 10/22 take down is that it has the ability to lock the bolt open.  Also, since Marlin decided long ago to make one magazine for all their .22s, I can use the mags that I have for my 795.  I will say that the sights on the Papoose are a heck of a lot better than the other Marlin .22s I’ve owned or shot.  The front post is a bright orange plastic and has a protective hood, and I believe the rear notch is more prominent.  Which is good, since a scope mounted on the receiver may not keep center as you remove and re-attach the barrel.

Of course, now I still don’t have a .22 pistol.  Ah well, guess that means that I’ll have to go to more gun shows (the horror!).

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