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So, I finally got my lazy rear into a carry class in order to get my permit.  Yes, yes, I know, I know.  I’m fixing that.

Anyways, I found out about Condition-1 through the local chapter of the Zombie Squad, and that they had a few slots still open for yesterday’s class.  Honestly, that’s all I knew about them.  I remember WizardPC telling me that I pretty much already knew what they taught in those classes, and I just needed to get into any class and get the rubber stamp.  As far as the state requirements, he was definitely correct.

The format of the class was the standard class in the morning, then range time in the afternoon.  The classroom portion went over a heck of a lot more than what was required on the test.  One think I thought was interesting was that the state has 3 rules of gun safety instead of Cooper’s 4 rules.  The instructors treated it they way I probably would by going over the 4 rules (oh, and the included 5th rule) and then mentioning “oh, yeah, the state uses these three rules.  We like the 4 rules better.”  I tried to sit there and not be the snot-nosed, know it all gun nut.  I think I mostly succeeded.  The only thing the instructor said that I really had any issue with was they held a Bersa .380 up as an example of a cheap gun not to buy.  Talked to him about that later.  He admitted that he had never had problems with his, but had seen a few fail including one or two slide failures where the slide actually flew off towards the target.  Never heard that one before.

I do need to comment on the video the state required them to show us.  About half of it was actually on topic and about what you would expect from a state-made video.  Somewhere in the middle, they decide to go on a tirade about the evils of drugs and alcohol.  Really?  I think it’s enough to say “guns and drugs/alcohol are bad, m’kay?” and possibly here’s penalties for drinking/doing drugs while carrying.  We don’t need a break down on how alcohol affects the system and how much various shots of alcohol will change your alcohol blood content if you’re a 100lbs girl.  Also, if you’re going to go into the evils of marijuana, please get some better information than what you got from Reefer Madness.

After lunch, it was time to head to the range.  They had blue bins for us to put our guns, magazines, and ammo in, which was a good idea for transport and having someplace to put the stuff when you weren’t using it.  Their instruction was pretty good.  One of the instructors ended up spending a lot of time with an older lady next to me who hadn’t really shot much before the class.   I had to remind her a few times that I’ve been shooting for a few years now and not feel bad about the fact that her target didn’t look like mine did, and she was certain that she was going to fail.  At the end of the day, we did the state required shooting test of a couple 6 shot strings at 3, 5, 7, and 15 yards on silhouette targets.  I had a couple flyers where I know I jerked the trigger, but other than that, I turned the high 8 (where we were told to aim) into a ragged hole.  The lady next to me?  Well, it wasn’t a ragged hole, but every round was on target.  I think the lowest score was 46/48, and most were 48/48.  I suspect that there were a couple of folks in our group that would have failed at the beginning of the day, and I know my groups were tighter than they usually are.

These guys were friendly and knew what they were talking about (I’ll let the Bersa thing slide).  They made it explicitly clear on their website and in class that this was not a class for anything other than getting your CHP, and it wasn’t.  Of course, it’s kind of difficult to make it more than that in one eight hour day.  I’d say this was a pretty good fundamentals class, and I’ll probably keep my eye out for their more advanced courses in the future.

oh, almost forgot a few choice quotes:

One of the instructors after looking at my target and the guy’s next to me after the first string: “you guys are cheating.”

After I volunteered that I had paracord and duct tape in my car for separate issues: “In case of the apocalypse, we’re going with [Oddball].”

2 comments to CHP class

  • The big issue I have with Bersa Thunders is they work great until they don’t.

    Sure a Raven or a Cobra would be a better example because they get gummed up from just a few mags of ammo, or a month in a sock drawer without fresh lube.

    The Bersa runs awesome until something breaks or fails. The big one I hear about is the mag disonnect spring fatigues and the trigger stops working.

    So there are worse examples, but his is on par.

  • wizardpc

    They do the NRA three rules because all the gun handling/safety stuff is lifted directly from the NRA Basic Pistol course.

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