Too much excitement

Thanks to Oddball for picking up the slack for me. My new job started Friday and ho boy do these people need my help. My expressions have gone from “oh” to “oh dear” to “Oh Dear God” to “Oh Dear God NO!” in a very short amount of time. Seriously, how do you not have a system in place to notify you that your Sarbanes-Oxley required compliance software stopped working for three days? I’m definitely not going to get bored.

I honestly don’t know if this site is blocked because I haven’t had time to check.

Also on Friday? My wife’s grandmother was admitted to the hospital. As my wife was telling me about her grandmother, my sister texted me to say that my grandmother had fallen and was in the ER.

My grandmother is okay, but my wife’s grandmother will be transferred to hospice shortly.

So it’s been a bit busy ’round here. I did have time to make some purchases at Amazon based on past blegs so expect some reviews in the next little bit.

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