New Shooter Update

Remember Drew?

Three months later he’s shot over 1500 rounds (so much so that he broke his Kahr!). Since his Kahr is in the shop, he bought an M&P9 Pro so he’ll have something good for IDPA/IPSC/Whatever. He’s totally digging the 17 round magazines and can do 250 round sessions without thinking about it. He’s started his own thing where he does multiple target engagement without even realizing it.

I’m so proud 😀

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  • EchoVictor76

    Getting new shooters into the sport is always a good thing.
    I’m proud to say that I’m responsible for creating four serious gunnies (multiple firearms owned by each with regular shooting sessions) and another half-dozen gun owners that I wouldn’t call gun enthusiasts.
    My circle of friends/relatives was completely gun-free. They were not anti-gun, it’s just that in New Jersey one can’t just walk into a gun store and purchase a firearm. Also, since most were first generation immigrants from a socialist country, they all lacked gun owning relatives or family tradition of gun ownership.
    I was the first to research the process and acquire the necessary permits and make the purchases.
    That was back in year 2000. Now those without guns are in the minority, and even those men are either too lazy to bother with the paperwork or are afraid that their wives won’t let them have guns in the home (and they didn’t even bother to ask their wives, they are assuming).

  • Secret Squirrel

    It broke after only 1500 rounds? Yikes.

    • wizardpc

      It was used when we bought it so no way to know how many rounds have actually gone through it.

      Also, it is the E9 which is basically the economy version of the K9. The sights, for example, are plastic. The front sight vacated the weapon and the rear sight wiggles now. He’s getting those replaced with standard night sights

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