Well that’s interesting

I just deactivated my Facebook account.

I had to enter my password twice and pass a CAPTCHA.

You know, if I had to go through that hassle to activate all the new “features” (like the super-creepy timeline) they keep introducing, I probably would have kept my account.

Oh, and they said pdb would miss me if I left.

2 comments to Well that’s interesting

  • Axess Denyd

    I just did that last night, too.

    Then it turns out someone I know became a firearms instructor and all his messaging with that is done through a Facebook group. Sigh.

  • dave

    I deactivated mine a while back, but had to reactivate it, turn off the email notifications, then deactivate it again. I kept getting all the emails. I wish there was a way to actually delete it.

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