Careful, someone might shoot you with your own gun

Especially if you are a convicted sex offender who kidnaps an 18 year old girl and drives her to Mississippi to rape her:

Cronk was in Aberdeen following an alleged kidnapping that began last Wednesday at the Kangaroo Express gas station on Lebanon Road.

Police said Cronk revealed a handgun and forced the teenage victim into his vehicle.

He then drove four and a half hours to Aberdeen where he rented a hotel room and forced the victim to perform sexual acts at gunpoint.

The victim told police when Cronk wasn’t looking she took his gun and shot him in the stomach.

Cronk left the hotel, and the female victim locked herself inside the room and called 911 for help.

Cronk, 58, was found deceased inside his vehicle parked at a Shell gas station in nearby Hamilton, Mississippi Friday morning.

That’s a nightmare scenario, isn’t it? It’s awful that she went through that, but maybe it will help with her recovery knowing that she stopped him from doing that to anyone else ever again.

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