Notes from the weekend

“Gone With the Wind” is a really, really long movie. I’d never seen it before and decided to remedy that. It took pretty much all day Saturday when you include the breaks we had to take for eating and letting the dog out. I now understand why he didn’t give a damn. I wouldn’t either.

Lowe’s and Home Depot will sell you primed interior doors, but not painted interior doors. This seems foolish to me. They also come with the hole for the doorknob cut, but you have to make the cuts for the hinges yourself. This is a PITA.

In related news, my office now has an unpainted (but primed) door with some really rough hinge cutouts. Previously there was just a door frame.

Taking Casey on two 2 mile walks, shopping at Lowe’s and Home Depot, and going to the grocery store in one day is a bad idea for someone who generally walks only 3 miles a day in total. Getting old sucks. I can barely walk today.

A friend of the wife went shooting for the first time on Friday. She and her husband went on a double date to an indoor pistol range where she shot his Glock 19. Her previous level of interest in guns was “He should leave a Post-It note on the shotgun with instructions on how to use it in case someone breaks in and I’m home alone. Otherwise, I don’t ever want to touch it.” Husband is new-ish to guns, brand new to handguns, and wants to get his carry permit. Based on the smiles in the pictures they sent us, she’s all-in now.

The Logitech Revue Review will be forthcoming, but here are my initial thoughts: Can’t really say it’s better than my Home Theater PC running XBMC, but for $99 shipped from Amazon it’s pretty awesome. Eventually this will move to the bedroom when we buy a new TV for up there.

I saw a really strange (and by that I mean totally awesome) recumbent motortrike. It looked like a custom-made machine. Chopper front end, V8 powerplant on the back, and the seat was maybe 4″ from the ground. Casey was in the car with me and she barked at the guy the whole time he was behind us.

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