The Army goes Sig

A non-gun geek friend of mine actually brought this to my attention.  Apparently, the Army has finished it’s trials for a replacement of the M9.  They’ve decided to go with the Sig Sauer p320.

As a Beretta fanboy, I’m sad to see the M9 replaced, but the Sig is a damn good gun.  The M9 was a great gun in the 80’s, but there have been improvements since then.  Specifically in ergonomics an modularity.  The M9 fits great in my hand, but I have freakishly large hands.  Of course, I find the M9 a much nicer looking gun, but that doesn’t really matter to the military.

The Sig has been on my list of guns that, if I could justify another full sized 9mm, I would buy.  Heck, I might anyways.

Good reason to carry a spare

So… when putting my carry gun in the safe last night, I discovered that the magazine wasn’t in the gun!

Apparently, when I ran out to the store to pick up stuff for dinner last night, I had managed to hit the mag release.  Went back out to the car, and it was sitting there on the driver’s seat.

And yes, I was wearing a good quality holster in good shape.  I’ve tried recreating this event and can’t, but it’s obviously happened.

Which meant I was walking around carrying a single shot pistol.  Of course, I had a spare mag in my pocket, but…

If it weren’t for double standards…

Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor, on 12/23/2016, reacting to Donald Trump’s commentary on the US allowing United Nations Security Council Resolution 2334 to pass:

“On the president-elect, the first thing I’d just say is that there’s one president at a time. President Obama is the president of the United States until Jan. 20, and we are taking this action, of course, as U.S. policy.”

President Obama on 12/26/2016:

“That doesn’t mean that if a year from now, or a year-and-a-half from now, or two years from now, there is an issue of such moment, such import, that isn’t just a debate about a particular tax bill or, you know, a particular policy, but goes to some foundational issues about our democracy that I might not weigh in. You know, I’m still a citizen and that carries with it duties and obligations.”

So the President-Elect should shut up until he’s President, but a former President has a duty to speak out. Okay, then.

It’s almost like he knows me

Christmas presents from my dad


Are you freaking kidding me?!

Apparently, it’s illegal for folks to carry pepper spray in Canada.  Some folks with clear heads are trying to correct that.  You’d think that would be a no brainer, right?  Nope.



Are the detractors stating that bad guys might use the sprays to attack the innocent?


Maybe they’re concerned that folks might over react and spray someone because they got into an argument?


The argument against is that legalizing pepper spray is evil and wrong because “places the onus on women to defend themselves rather than focusing on addressing and preventing gender-based violence,” and is “offensive to women.”

That’s right.  It’s evil because we should just teach boys not to rape, and then we’ll live in a magical world of peace.  Oh, and it’s offensive to think that you might want to be prepared if some droog’s treatment doesn’t work.

I can’t even.

Random Thought of the Day

I now have a TV that has no buttons on it, the remote has no number pad, but I can control it with my phone.

Living in the future is weird.

All the pocket guns!

Some random gun porn for your holiday weekend.  This is from me visiting a buddy and us deciding that it was going to be a pocket gun day at the range.


I promise that there will be actual content soon.

But that sort of thing never happens here!

So… apparently there was a shooting yesterday at an intersection I’m at almost daily at the beginning of rush hour.  For reasons still unknown, a misunderstood gentleman with multiple active warrants decided to fire from his car at the car next to him, striking the driver who’s now in critical condition.

This intersection is a few blocks from me.  My bank is at that intersection.  My wife was late to our TaeKwonDo class because she left about 30 minutes after the incident, and got stuck in the traffic back up caused by the investigation.

The area of town I live in is generally considered a nice working class area.  Not the richest neighborhood by a good bit, but an area where folks don’t think twice about letting there kids walk down the street, etc.

Oddly enough, I was just telling someone that there’s no where where crime doesn’t happen, just where the percentages are different.  Just a friendly reminder to keep your eyes open out there.

Me, this morning

Artist depiction of the next 4-8 years


Doesn’t really matter who wins, does it?

Oh, and don’t be surprised if Putin invades some other country before spring.