Are you freaking kidding me?!

Apparently, it’s illegal for folks to carry pepper spray in Canada. Some folks with clear heads are trying to correct that. You’d think that would be a no brainer, right? Nope.



Are the detractors stating that bad guys might use the sprays to attack the innocent?


Maybe they’re concerned that folks might […]

Random Thought of the Day

I now have a TV that has no buttons on it, the remote has no number pad, but I can control it with my phone.

Living in the future is weird.

But that sort of thing never happens here!

So… apparently there was a shooting yesterday at an intersection I’m at almost daily at the beginning of rush hour. For reasons still unknown, a misunderstood gentleman with multiple active warrants decided to fire from his car at the car next to him, striking the driver who’s now in critical condition.

This intersection is a […]

Me, this morning

Artist depiction of the next 4-8 years

Doesn’t really matter who wins, does it?

Oh, and don’t be surprised if Putin invades some other country before spring.

Assorted Thoughts

In no particular order…

First off, thanks to Anne from Widener’s for sending me a marketing email that wasn’t just some intern or virtual assistant compiling a list of bloggers’ email addresses and then blasting something out. She actually read the blog and started off her email with a funny comment about semiblogtirement. I LOL’d. […]

It’s true because I say it is!

Presented without comment–the current CNN front page:

Don’t Be That Guy

For the past couple years, I’ve taught a self defense class at a summer camp at a local university. It’s one of those academic camps that could be considered “summer school for smart kids.”

As I was getting ready for class last week, one of the other instructors (I believe he was teaching iPhone photography) […]

Sign that we’re winning.

A few days back, I met up with some friends at the range. Fun was had by all. His girlfriend was taking the second half of her carry class (the range session), and we decided to hang around until she finished and get some dinner.

We decided to hit an Italian place in the Vandy […]


During a serious discussion with my wife about guns (she’s not anti, but she’s not one of us), she made the comment that she thought it was funny that the Black Lives Matter folks tend to also be the ones currently screaming for us to ban guns. After all, they don’t trust the police, because […]