Gun Porn: ‘Murrica

Start with a Marlin Papoose…

Add a… wait, what now?

You can’t be serious….

Oh Lord, I think he’s serious.



Review: KelTec CL43 flashlight

One of the things I picked up at the NRAAM was one of KelTec’s CL43 flashlights. The folks at the KelTec booth were nice enough to give me one for review. This particular one was used as a demo by one of the guys working the booth. When I received it, the batteries were pretty [...]

Week 2 of K2KC!

So… week two, and here’s a newer picture:

By the way, that’s the one “traditional” kilt that I currently own.

Also, here’s another kilt themed song:

Hmmm…. I wonder if I could find a sombrero and some maracas…

On a more serious note, my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer last year. Fortunately, it [...]

It’s time to break the kilts out of the closet for a good cause!

September is prostate awareness month, and I’m once again participating in Kilted to Kick Cancer. This year is a little different. The guys that run it have actually got KtKC registered as its own non-profit and are accepting donations that way. From what I understand, they will basically be turning around and handing the money [...]

Oh look! A Podcast!

Sean Sorrentino got me and a bunch of other bloggers in front of a microphone, and now we have Episode 1 of The Gun Blog Variety Cast!

We talk about tactical dogs, triggers, prepping, soft power, Facebook and the NSA, among other things!

I’ll be in my bunk

Overheard in #GBC and dumb laws

The_Jack: Yes, ponder that. You can make your own guns, but you can’t toss some booze in the freezer.

For context, we were talking about the possibility* of making home made applejack. If you’re going to be proper and old school about it, you freeze distill apple cider. Unfortunately, while you can make beer or [...]

Happy Independence Day

Make sure you enjoy this holiday celebrating our freedom from tyranny by observing all local, state, and federal restrictions that may apply!

Gratz to ASM826, and some thoughts

It’s a bit late, but I’ve been a bit busy.

ASM826 has tested for, and received, his second degree black belt in Wadoki Aikido.

He’s had some commenters that have clearly gone down the path of “I don’t need no fancy Jui-Jitsu, I’ve got a gun!” This has always been something that has puzzled me [...]

That moment when you think “maybe I’m bringing too much…”

Naaaaaaaah. See some of you tomorrow