I… got nothing…

Headline: “Naked Man With A Gun Shoots Up A Quiet Neighborhood” (beware, the link autoplays a video about the NHL Allstar game in Nashville for… reasons)

Summery: Naked man running around in in the middle of the afternoon waving a gun around and shooting at random. Cops show up, and, in a remarkable show of […]

I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid

Went to a gun show today, and couldn’t resist it. I finally bought a Glock.

I have to admit that the capacity is a bit low, and I haven’t figured out how to reload it yet.

Long slide on a short grip?

First things first:

New Year’s resolution: more posting to the blog. I’ve got a good amount of blog fodder, just need to write it.

Now, on with the post!

For a little while now, I’ve been interesting in finding something that apparently no one makes: a pistol with a “full-sized” barrel (think 4-5″) on a […]

Of all the stupid things…

So… apparently Nashville has decided to kick out the gun show that has been running regularly for 35 years at the Fairgrounds. There reasoning? Beyond the usual pants wetting hysteria, they were able to link 3 cases of people possessing firearms bought from there being naughty since 2011.

Less than 1 a year.

I can […]

That moment when…

…you’re giving a presentation at a hacker con on 3D printed guns and a guy wearing an ATF hat walks in and sits down.

Turns out he was actually someone deeply involved with the TFA and decided to give me shit.

Oh, and there may be video later so you guys can make fun of […]

“Big” Win for the Anti-gunners?

So, apparently the state of California recently passed a bill to make it illegal to carry a gun on school campuses. I wouldn’t have known this except that a lot of my friends on both sides of the fence posted this image:

Of course, my pro-gun friends commented on the fact that they pretty much […]

A good primer on the history of the 2nd Amendment

I think the video is a wonderful hour long history of the 2nd Amendment. Tom did a similar talk at Phreaknic last year, which I saw making the rounds among gun bloggers and can be found here. I probably should have been one of the folks posting it considering that I’ve been attending and/or helping […]

Southern Illinois shooting complex to shut down “indefinitely”

Sad news for folks on the Illinois side of the border near St. Louis. Apparently, the budget fight that the state’s legislature is currently having that has made news because they’re refusing to pay out lotto winnings (which, yes, has resulted in lawsuits) has spread to closing of state run venues. Specifically, the World Shooting […]

Kilted to Kick Cancer: So You Want to Wear a Kilt?

Before I get into it, I want to remind people why I’m doing this. This month is Prostrate awareness month, and I’m participating in Kilted to Kick Cancer. Last year, we raised $13,000 for research, and want to beat that this year. If you’ve got some extra cash, please follow that link and tell them […]

It’s that time of year again!

Hold on… It’s already the 3rd? How did that happen?

Well, I’m sitting here in Atlanta for Dragoncon, so I’ll make this brief. As you probably remember from previous years, September is prostrate cancer awareness month, and I will be once again participating in Kilted to Kick Cancer!

Last year, we raised $13,000 to the […]