5.11 Kilts are Back

Apparently 5.11 has decided to bring back their tactical kilts and make a new video for April fools this year.  As of today, they’re taking orders for them.  Same as last year, they’re asking $70 for them with $10 going going to charity.  The charities this year being FBINAA and We Salute You Veterans.  My [...]

Here they come again…

So… Apparently while I was busy rooting for the new knife law, one of our state senators decided to introduce a bill that would allow open carry in my state without having a permit, and that bill has passed the State Senate.  Of course, apparently the house has stuck it in the finance committee to [...]

Yep… that’s all that’s needed…

Most of the camping hammock equipment I own is made by ENO.  One thing I like about them is the warning label they put on their products.  The full warning reads as follows:

“Using any hammock carries an inherent risk.  ACCIDENTS HAPPEN, USE WITH CAUTION.” (emphasis theirs)

Yup… I think that covers it.

Laws are weird…

In one of the irc channels I hang out in, one of my local friends asked me for some clarification on the knife bill that’s currently sitting on Gov. Haslam’s desk waiting for his signature.  Specifically, he was asking about the legality of carrying the sword cane he owns.  He knew that soon to be [...]

Deal Alert!

If you’ve ever been interested in picking up a camping hammock, Sport.Woot is selling some for cheap today.  I bought some of the ones with the built in mosquito netting for my nephews who are in the Boy Scouts (and one for me for… uh… “testing”).  The one with the netting works for me at [...]

Dear Al Gore

Please take shit with you when you leave to go back to one of your 6 houses that aren’t in Nashville.

Seriously, it’s freaking late March and it’s snowing like it’s January.

Youths with spoons! The horror!

Apparently a store in merry old England had their system require an age check that thwarted a young ruffian from purchasing some tea spoons, which I’m sure would have then used them to cause mayhem.

I will have to say that the store management did apologize, and agreed that it was a bit ridiculous.  Although… [...]


Bleg: Workshop Edition

This is the workshop that came with the house we bought last year.

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t put plywood over the insulation on the ceiling and replace the hanging 8ft fluorescent fixtures with ceiling mounted 4ft ones?

Dust Collection for a Dewalt Miter Saw

I picked up a Dewalt DW715 12-Inch Compound Miter saw during a Black Friday sale. I’ve been doing some furniture building and figured it would come in handy.

It’s so pretty…

See that little bag on the back? That’s ostensibly for dust collection. I may have been expecting too much out of it, but [...]