heh… oops

So, my wife’s sister has a bit of a fear of knives. Somewhere between “healthy respect for,” and a full on phobia. Normally, if she’s not surprised with it, she can keep it under control. Not being a jerk, I try to behave and not freak her out. There have been a few times that […]

Apologies for the Pun

A Tale of Two Knives

My dad and I have a tradition of shopping for each others Christmas presents. It’s easier to just say “you have x amount of money, what do you want?” than trying to guess. This year, I decided that my gift from him would be a Spyderco Manix 2.

I’ve been interested in Benchmade’s Axis lock […]

Everyone Loves Random Gun Pics, Right?

Ruger Blackhawk in .30carbine and a NAA mini-revolver in .22lr.

Here’s a Tip

If you say that something is bad because there’s a *chance* that you might flag yourself, and then go on to advocate appendix carry?

Yeah… don’t expect me to take you seriously.

(also, oh hey! I’m not dead!)

I made a thing

I continue to absolutely love living in the future.

I am a cheap bastard. My cars are old. My house is old. My guns are significantly newer, but they’re not expensive. The most expensive gun I own is the AR10 I built and most of that is because AR10.

My “long range”* rifle is a […]

Huh… hadn’t thought about that…

One of my friends just got his paperwork back on a silencer that he submitted almost exactly 1 year ago (360 days, do be exact). Judging by the comments on his Facebook post, roughly a year turn around on NFA paperwork is not unusual these days. Oh, and for the record, this is far from […]

AR10 Mag Pouch for PMAG20 and PMAG25

So I did a thing and built an AR10. I bought the lower and about twenty PMAGs (a mix of 20 and 25 LR/SRs) in late October of 2016. You know, back when Hillary! was inevitable and before the Russians hacked the election. Or something.

Anyway, I built the lower into a 16″ AR10 in […]

Random gun pics are cool, right?

Presented without comment, the contents of a pistol case in my house the other day: a Coonan and a .45 HiPoint.

Yes, that is a factory paint job.

I… wow…

So, one of my seriously left leaning friends that is anti-gun posted the following picture with the comment “Not what I like to see at work……”

Me, being the smartass that I am, commented “The fact that both the definition for rifle and shotgun are wrong?”

To which she replied:

“Well, I wouldn’t know, […]