My month without a cell phone.

My parents got the family’s first cell phone in around 1994. I got a pager in 1996 around the same time I got my driver’s license (so my parents could randomly ask me where I was). In 1998, I bought my first cell phone for me, but gave it up shortly after that mostly because […]

Aaaaand we’re back

You know what’s awesome?

When your web host turns off your database completely, then sends you an email asking you to troubleshoot a problem that requires you getting into the database.

Better still is when, after complaining for 24 hours that you can’t get into the database to troubleshoot, you get a snarky “oh, it […]

My 2 cents on the recent scandals over privacy…

…is actually summed up by one of my local buddies:

“To everyone who ever thought I was kidding or just spinning some conspiracy tales for kicks when I repeatedly said “The government is sniffing basically all your communications online”…

[email protected]$k you people.”

Seriously. Next time large portions of the IT community tells you that there’s […]

Deal Alert: Half off hosting at HostGator

For the next 12 hours. The coupon code should auto-populate.

I’ve been very happy with Hostgator.

You know you’re a geek when…

Earlier this week, I stopped by Wizard’s place to pick up the wedding gifts that were left at the reception. I mentioned to Wizard and his wife that one of my groomsmen bought me a BlendTec.

His wife cocked her head.

He started laughing in an evil way.

Yeah… Wizard and I were geeking out […]

Signal, inability to stop

Once the DoD requested the 3d printed gun files be removed from the internet, a couple things happened.

The Streisand Effect went into full force. The file was shared all over and can still be found easily. I suddenly realized that I was going to be printing a 3d printed gun and doing another […]

APCO-25 Scanner for $25

Remember the Air Traffic Control post from earlier? Yeah, well, it turns out you can use the same cheap dongle to pick up APCO-25 transmissions.

APCO-25 is the protocol that most public safety radios use. Scanners that are cable of intercepting these transmissions have been around for over ten years, but they still cost over […]

Public Service Announcement: Blog under attack (probably yours, too)

I have a WordPress Plugin called Limit Login Attempts that I’ve been running for a while. It basically gives a quick and easy way to limit brute force attempts on your WordPress site by blocking IPs that have invalid logins. It’s pretty configurable for as simple as it is, and one of the things it […]

Help me pick an HTPC replacement

Late last year, I built up a home theater PC to replace one that had died. It’s got a very pretty case designed to fit in with audio equipment (protip: if you’ve got young kids or large dogs, don’t hook up the power button to the motherboard. Use the reset switch instead). I put a […]

Dishonest marketing from TDS Telecom

TDS Telecom has been trying desperately to get in to the Nashville market. They are directly and aggressively competing with Comcast (whose customer service practices come from depths of Hell) and AT&T (who still think a land line is required for anything).

My mother has TDS service and is quite pleased with it. Fiber Optic […]