Slow load times, etc

All of the sites on my hosting account are getting hammered pretty hard by bots in China and Russia. This is resulting in some pretty awful site load times. I’m banning IPs as fast as I can but it’s not fast enough…

Some house keeping

If you’ve been hit by one of those annoying “please wait x seconds for a word from our sponsor” ads, please know that this is not intentional. Turns out sitemeter has decided to turn into adware and inject this redirect code into our website. At least, according to this site, and this site, that is […]

Why did RAM prices double?

Two years ago I bought a pair of 8GB DDR3-1600 sticks for $86. Now, they’re $155.

It’s not like DDR4 and DDR5 came out, and now I’m looking for stuff that’s no longer manufactured. What happened?

(Hard drive prices are still higher than when I bought my last pair of 2tb drives, but there was […]

Conversation with an Apple Fanboy

Yesterday there was some conference or something. Guy that sits next to me spent most of the morning reading Engadget and watching some presentation by that guy that’s not Steve Jobs.

Him: OMG! The new versions of iOS and OSX will allow you to answer phone calls on your computer!!!

Me: Oh, like Google Voice?


Protip: Web Developer Edition

If you’re going to limit your password field to 12 characters on your login page, you should probably also limit your password field to 12 characters on your registration page.

Related: As a general rule, if you’re going to have criteria for passwords, it’s probably best to let the user know that.

That way you […]

Well, that was short lived

Step 1: Read this.

Step 2: Buy this:

Step 3: 15 minutes after opening the box (click to embiggen)…

Yeah, I probably had two minutes of flight before getting it stuck in the tree. The first time. Happened two more times after that before the battery died. Luckily I was smart enough to […]

Remember when µTorrent was, um, µ?

µTorrent 3.2.3, running for 10 days:

µTorrent 3.4, running for 12 hours:

Way to go, guys.

Black Friday!

Being the crass consumerist I am, the only thing I’m buying today is this.

For me.

Because I want it.

(Meanwhile, Mrs wizardpc is braving the hordes shopping for actual Christmas presents. I’m at home with lilwizard and tacticaldog.)

My month without a cell phone.

My parents got the family’s first cell phone in around 1994. I got a pager in 1996 around the same time I got my driver’s license (so my parents could randomly ask me where I was). In 1998, I bought my first cell phone for me, but gave it up shortly after that mostly because […]

Aaaaand we’re back

You know what’s awesome?

When your web host turns off your database completely, then sends you an email asking you to troubleshoot a problem that requires you getting into the database.

Better still is when, after complaining for 24 hours that you can’t get into the database to troubleshoot, you get a snarky “oh, it […]