Well, that was short lived

Step 1: Read this.

Step 2: Buy this:

Step 3: 15 minutes after opening the box (click to embiggen)…

Yeah, I probably had two minutes of flight before getting it stuck in the tree. The first time. Happened two more times after that before the battery died. Luckily I was smart enough to [...]

Remember when µTorrent was, um, µ?

µTorrent 3.2.3, running for 10 days:

µTorrent 3.4, running for 12 hours:

Way to go, guys.

Black Friday!

Being the crass consumerist I am, the only thing I’m buying today is this.

For me.

Because I want it.

(Meanwhile, Mrs wizardpc is braving the hordes shopping for actual Christmas presents. I’m at home with lilwizard and tacticaldog.)

My month without a cell phone.

My parents got the family’s first cell phone in around 1994. I got a pager in 1996 around the same time I got my driver’s license (so my parents could randomly ask me where I was). In 1998, I bought my first cell phone for me, but gave it up shortly after that mostly because [...]

Aaaaand we’re back

You know what’s awesome?

When your web host turns off your database completely, then sends you an email asking you to troubleshoot a problem that requires you getting into the database.

Better still is when, after complaining for 24 hours that you can’t get into the database to troubleshoot, you get a snarky “oh, it [...]

My 2 cents on the recent scandals over privacy…

…is actually summed up by one of my local buddies:

“To everyone who ever thought I was kidding or just spinning some conspiracy tales for kicks when I repeatedly said “The government is sniffing basically all your communications online”…

F@$k you people.”

Seriously.  Next time large portions of the IT community tells you that there’s [...]

Deal Alert: Half off hosting at HostGator

For the next 12 hours. The coupon code should auto-populate.

I’ve been very happy with Hostgator.

You know you’re a geek when…

Earlier this week, I stopped by Wizard’s place to pick up the wedding gifts that were left at the reception.  I mentioned to Wizard and his wife that one of my groomsmen bought me a BlendTec.

His wife cocked her head.

He started laughing in an evil way.

Yeah… Wizard and I were geeking out [...]

Signal, inability to stop

Once the DoD requested the 3d printed gun files be removed from the internet, a couple things happened.

The Streisand Effect went into full force. The file was shared all over and can still be found easily. I suddenly realized that I was going to be printing a 3d printed gun and doing another [...]

APCO-25 Scanner for $25

Remember the Air Traffic Control post from earlier? Yeah, well, it turns out you can use the same cheap dongle to pick up APCO-25 transmissions.

APCO-25 is the protocol that most public safety radios use. Scanners that are cable of intercepting these transmissions have been around for over ten years, but they still cost over [...]