Name! That! Party!

So three guys were arrested in a prostitution sting last week here in Nashville. One of them was a Metro Councilman.

Check out the stories from local media: WSMV WTVF WRKN The Tennessean (incidentally, they endorsed Banks in the last election, but try finding that information in any of their stories)

When the story first […]

Sign that we’re winning

A couple days ago, I was listening to NPR on the way into work and heard them run the promo for that days “Fresh Air.” Oddly enough, it was going to be a discussion with the author of Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun. Sadly, I wasn’t able to catch either airings of it and […]

Like you and me, only better

If YOU get caught selling counterfeit goods, expect to get raided, your stuff to get confiscated, and spend some time in prison.

If a Detective gets caught selling counterfeit goods, expect them to keep their jobs while authorities decide whether or not to demote them. Jailtime is for those other people.

Please update your scorecards.


Update your scorecards: Business Edition

Refusing to make a cake for someone because they’re gay: You’re a bigot

Calling on other people to boycott a bakery because of their religious beliefs: Totally okay!

Maybe she should have told them she’s a Muslim. That would make it okay, I think.

A pox on all of them, but be consistent, dammit!

Update your scorecards: Protest Violence

If the right has a protest movement, the potential for violence must be trumpeted on every evening newscast for weeks.

If the left has a protest movement, the actual violence must be downplayed, dismissed, obfuscated, or blamed on agent provocateurs.

Please update your scorecards.

Yeah, that’s fair

When officers repeatedly electrocute suspects until the suspects die, it’s not the officers’ fault: It’s “Excited Delirium”

If a suspect struggles with an officer and then later that officer has a fatal reaction to painkillers prescribed by a licensed physician, compounded by emphysema and obesity, it’s “reckless homicide”

Because, you know, the suspect should have […]

A tale of two executions

Two men were executed on the same night earlier this week. One was in Texas, the other was in Georgia.

Both men did not know their victims. Both men admit to being involved in the initial altercation that ultimately led to death of the victim. Both men claim to not have been the person to […]

Just curious

If Hurricane Irene hits Boston and floods the Big Dig, or hits NYC and floods Manhattan, will it be Obama’s fault?

Katrina was all Bush’s fault, and he told everyone to GTFO.