Update your scorecards: How to get fired from the LAPD

Shooting up a blue Toyota Tacoma containing two Asian women after mistaking it for a grey Nissan Titan containing a lone black man: Get more training

Release audio tape proving you didn’t say the racist things you’ve been accused of saying: Get investigated by internal affairs, suspended, and expect to be fired

Scorecards: “To Coup or Not To Coup” Edition

Tens of thousands of people protest in the street against Egyptian President Mubarak, leading to the Military taking charge: “The people have spoken!”

Tens of millions of people protest in the street against Egyptian President Morsi, leading to the Military taking charge: “It’s a coup!!!”

If you’re wondering why our media had such different reactions […]

Scorecards: Dick “Dick” Durbin Edition

Bush Justice Department authorization to use waterboarding on a foreign terrorist in a foreign country: “Shameful”

Obama Justice Department authorization to use drone strikes on Americans in America: That’s probably okay. Let’s not talk about it right now.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means


Protests across the country called for thousands to march, all to push for tougher legislation when it comes to buying a gun. With a simple post online, a crowd of concerned parents, grandparents and kids showed up Saturday morning to march at Sevier Park to push for changes in gun legislation.

This march is […]

Thought for the day

J.J. Sefton:

If we do not choose a hill to die on, the left will choose for us a ditch to die in.

hmmm… let’s see…

According to the Washington Post, “Obama campaigned four years ago on a promise to revamp the federal government’s disaster response functions…” and has already signed off on 9 declarations of emergency in the north east before the Hurricane Sally has even hit the shore…

You know what I’m reminded of? When Nashville had a 1000 […]


If Tropical Storm Isaac turns into a Cat 3 Hurricane and hits New Orleans, it’ll be George Bush’s fault.

Well, obviously!

I buy a lot of used cars. I mean, I used to, back when I would buy an $800, drive it for a year, and sell it for $800.

So as a direct result of that, I have spent a lot of time looking at used car lots. Mostly, that involves driving down the local […]

How to lose the high ground

I’ve talked here a few times about how it’s sometimes frustrating that a business has different views on civil rights than I do. When the owner of several popular local restaurants spearheaded a campaign to derail restaurant carry, I mocked him and stopped going to his restaurants.

When Costco employees freaked out about a guy […]

One more thing on Zimmerman

Something that’s struck me in the last few days is how, despite all the media attention, no one who actually knows George Zimmerman has come forward and said “oh, yeah, that guy is totally a racist jerk!” Not his neighbors (the ones who bothered to meet him), not his coworkers, not even an ex girlfriend. […]