Why would you ever need a gun in a bar?

Because you never know when some jackass wants to go on a shooting rampage in hopes that police will kill him.

Note, however, that he didn’t actually wait around for the cops to show up and kill him. Nor did he try to go out in a blaze of glory when the police finally caught […]


Seen on my walk this morning

Just another isolated incident

How many “isolated incidents” do you need before you get to the “widespread institutional behavior” level? How many until you get to “standard operating procedure”?

Officer charged after video shows beating

There is a six minute local news report attached to that article. Your standard local newscast is 22 minutes of programming.

The long and […]

Like you and me, only better

Transportation Licensing Commission Edition.

Basically, some folks that work as “inspectors” for a non-police city agency took it upon themselves to start carrying badges.

And guns.

And install blue lights on their vehicles.

Metro cops are NOT happy. I notice, however, that instead of arresting them, they merely confiscated the badges.

It’s […]

Two in the same three days?

So there were two local cops that made the news for behaving badly in the past couple days. Namely DUI and possessing firearms while under the influence. This is usually where you expect to hear that they were sent home with pay to think about what they’d done.

Not this time.

Both have been decommissioned.


Officer Roid Rage has been fired

For now.

He’s appealing, and no word on whether or not he gets to keep his POST certification (allowing him to just go to another jurisdiction). The bulk of the article quotes his union rep bemoaning the fact that he was fired even though they “discovered” he had PTSD….for eight years and no one noticed.


I know who to blame!

Over the weekend, a 24 year old vet with PTSD and a restraining order (read: Prohibited Person) shot a bunch of people at a party and then took off to Mt Ranier National Park. When he ran a snow chain checkpoint, Rangers followed him. He killed one of them before evading the other.

Clearly, this […]

Like you and me, only better

If YOU get caught selling counterfeit goods, expect to get raided, your stuff to get confiscated, and spend some time in prison.

If a Detective gets caught selling counterfeit goods, expect them to keep their jobs while authorities decide whether or not to demote them. Jailtime is for those other people.

Please update your scorecards.


Officer Roid Rage had a hearing

Last Thursday. A decision is due sometime in mid January, according to the article.

I want to pull two very telling things from that article. First:

At the hearing, “information was presented by the police administration, city law department and also from the (Fraternal Order of Police),” Ream said.

That may or may not be […]

That’s funny right there

“Suppressors are legal with a tax stamp, but silencers are illegal”.

Check out the link for the rest of the story. It’ll make you smile.