URGENT REMINDER for those of you coming to Nashville for the NRA Convention

Nashville’s mayor is really, really anti-gun.

Nashville’s police chief thinks people who didn’t like Mike Brown protestors shutting down I-40 are racists.

Nashville’s newly-elected District Attorney has been on the job less than 6 months and has already had 3 major ethics scandals.

Knowing that, you need to remember the following things

It is illegal […]

Rule 5

Apparently after Kid #2, you’re bandwidth-limited to one post per month.

Don’t try to catch a falling gun.

Gunshot interrupts Smyrna town hall meeting:

SMYRNA, TN (WSMV) – A gunshot rang out in a Smyrna town meeting on Thursday night, causing a brief moment of panic.

It was business as usual as Police Chief Kevin […]

Slightly unnerving

As you may know, I bought a Kahr CM9 a couple of months ago and it came with an extra magazine. Since the CM9 is a 6+1 9mm, I pocket carry the spare mag.

Well yesterday I went to the range and when I pulled out the magazine, I was greeted with this:


Gun Porn: Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey day? How bout a Turkey Gun*?

Browning Auto-5. And you know who designed that, right?

*I’m not a hunter, so that could be a deer gun for all I know. Or duck. Or whatever.

Gun Porn: Benelli M1

SureFire Forend

GG&G Charging Handle

Alarming discovery in a small shop in NYC

The wife and I recently took a trip to NYC, and we stepped inside a shop on 5th avenue to check out what they had. It was a nice Italian designer of outdoors clothes.

As you can see, pretty upscale. This picture was taken from the second floor. Here’s a shot of that floor.

The […]

Gun Porn: Handgonne

Gun Porn: Prettified WASR

Ultimak M2-B AK Rail Primary Arms Micro Dot I can’t recall the stock…


Gun Porn: World’s Ugliest Assault Weapon

Gun Porn: Buckmark Rogers

Browning Buckmark with Fire Sights and an A2 Birdcage

If it looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it before. And here is oddball’s review of those sights.