Gun Porn: Bersa Thunder .22

Scary thought for the day

What if the BLM officers involved in the Bundy Ranch thing had reacted the same way Ferguson officers did?

Gun Porn: Briefcase Edition

Kriss Vector SDP .45ACP Pistol–and yes, that’s the case it’s kept in.

Surefire light kit EOTech 512

Gun Porn: Suddenly More Valuable Edition

The prices for the Saiga 12 went up over $800 during the 2013 panic. I believe they were around $600 before that for the unconverted* ones. When ARs and AKs fell back down, Saiga 12s didn’t because there was a rumor that they were going to be classified as destructive devices. That didn’t [...]

Gun Porn: Piston FAR-15


This one belongs to James, a friend of mine and the host of the Bidet Shoot. The backstory on this rifle is that the first few times he took the rifle out….something broke. And by happenstance, I was there for each one

Finally had a chance to sit down and list [...]

Good News/Bad News

Good news! My rifle came back from Remington today!

Bad news! It seems that I may have found the source of my accuracy issues:

Click to embiggen

Embody Update

His hearing on a motion to dismiss was pushed back to August 15th.

This one is for his refusal to show his paperwork for his suppressor when asked. The article says:

Embody maintains he did nothing wrong and said no one acknowledged or accepted the paperwork he was carrying with him at the time.

…but [...]

Gun Porn: Er, I think that’s an HK edition

It’s either an HK91 or a PTR91, but the markings aren’t right for either so I have no idea. I’m prettty sure it’s an HK though based on what I remember of the conversations I had with the owner.

Fun with Headlines: Reckless Endangerment Edition

Actual headline: Police: Homeowner fired shot because kids wouldn’t leave Accurate Headline: Homeowner fired shot at parent angry he wouldn’t let kids steal his fruit.

Yesterday afternoon the story was pretty sparse, but last night the local Democratic Party ABC Affiliate’s story just said someone shot at some kids in his yard. I thought maybe [...]

Gun Porn: Shorty AK’s