Because F you, that’s why

A little while ago, my dad got me a late Christmas present (late because it’s actually hard to find one).

It’s the one on the right:

From left to right: 7rnds, 10rnds, 25rnds, 75rnds!

Yep… that’s a 75 round drum mag for Marlin .22 rifles… like my 795

Or my Papoose

It’s [...]

Gun Porn: M99s!

After the ARFCOM shoot last month, I’ve almost got myself convinced that I should buy one of these:

And that wasn’t the only one there:

Before and after shots. Note the flap at the front of shooting mat, and the amount of grass on the shooters in the [...]

Long overdue ARFCOM HTF shoot AAR

On 3/22/14, James (he of Bidet Shoot Fame) and I went to the Tennessee Hometown Forum Spring Shoot put on by Precision Multigun in Cookeville, TN.

It was fantastic, problems with my new Remington 700 notwithstanding.

There are actually several ranges on the property. The first one we went to had a 230 yard [...]

Well… it’s official!

Looks like I’m going to be going the the NRA convention.  I guess the big question is to pack the kilts or not.

Gun Porn: Slidefire and EOTech Epic Fail

Alternate title: Why you need BUIS

This rifle was one of the ones at the ARFCOM TN shoot.

Pretty, ain’t she? Slidefire, Magpul MVG, Magpul MOE Handguard. Beautiful.

But there’s a problem.

The EOTech (either an XPS2 or an XPS3, I can’t tell) had it’s lower piece of glass just kind [...]

Gun Porn: “Finished” 700 Edition

When I made my initial post about the ARFCOM Hometown shoot, I realized that I hadn’t posted any updates about what I did to the Remington 700 AAC-SD I bought in January, despite having taken several rounds of pictures.

Bad blogger. No cookie!

So here goes:

The first thing I did was get an EGW [...]

I am so sunburned…

but this was totally worth it.

AAR with pictures and a couple of videos to come later this week. Spoiler: My most recent purchase did not do so well. Kinda embarrassing, actually.

Me? Oh I was fine hittin 8″ steel plates at 650yds. With someone else’s .308.

Bidet Shoot 2?

So… Wizard has talked to the owner of the range that hosted the Bidet shoot last year… and I have some bad news…

He says no more toilets as targets.  Clean up was just too much of a mess (yes, we cleaned up after ourselves, but I’m guessing we missed some chunks).

That said, he’s [...]

This will be one to watch

This morning I saw a headline that said “Teen shot and killed near school.” I remember it because 1) it apparently happened on a Saturday and 2) it said near school, not at school.

Since we seem to have a functional Illegal Moms Against Gun Ownership (or whatever they call themselves now) chapter, I expected [...]

Raising the comb on a 10/22 takedown

So a while back, I was watching this video of Ryan Cleckner setting up a scope on a Remington 700:

I thought that was a neat trick with the wood cheek riser. It stuck with me. When I threw together the “assassins kit in pretty much every action movie in the 80s” as commenter [...]