Well… that went differently than expected

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks hosted the Second Annual East Tennessee Blogger Shoot this past weekend. I’ll try to do a proper write-up of it soon, but I wanted to make sure to mention a couple things.

I actually went with the desire to shoot a little .32acp derringer and a Ruger LCR in .357mag. Both […]


So, apparently, everyone is talking about TN’s governor signing a bill into law that would make silencers legal here.

You’d think I’d be excited over this, but… meh.

The thing is that silencers were already legal here.

The previous state law stated that silencers were illegal, unless you were in compliance with the NFA. Yes, […]

Repairs and thoughts on an AlienGear holster

For the past couple years, my go to IWB holster has been an AlienGear CloakTuck 2.0 holster. It’s a rather affordable hybrid holster that has a plastic shell attached to more flexible backing. The most common material used for this kind of backing is leather (and that is what the original AlienGear holster uses), but […]

Real life example of why registry is bad

If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know the usual arguments about registry. A friend of mine just brought up a scenario that I had never thought of.

He has an older friend that is unfortunately in the hospital with one of those issues that a lot of folks don’t come home from (hope […]

All the pocket guns!

Some random gun porn for your holiday weekend. This is from me visiting a buddy and us deciding that it was going to be a pocket gun day at the range.

I promise that there will be actual content soon.

6.5 Grendel Build

Haven’t shot it yet, but I’ve been gathering parts for this for the last few months and it’s finally range ready:

Hopefully I’ll be able to take it out on Friday.

Front to back parts list

YHM Phantom Stainless 7.62 QD Suppressor (Discontinued by manufacturer)

YHM Phantom 30 cal QD Muzzle Brake YHM-3302-MB-24A AR10 […]

And you wonder why we don’t trust you?

[Since a number of folks shared this post I made on Facebook, I feel like I should repost it here]

If you’re wondering why pro-gun folks are so mean and do everything that they can to stop “common sense” measures like assault weapons bans*, look no further than Massachusetts. They’ve had an AWB that mirrored […]

Random thought of the day

I was listening to some older episodes of Handgun Radio, and got to episode 121, where they were talking about the “Ring of Fire” guns and other “Saturday Night Specials. It got me thinking.

I know there was a time when .32acp, .25acp, and other calibers that are now considered woefully under powered rounds for […]

That moment I went from “no way am I voting for that guy” to “well, maybe…”

Was right after reading this. Sebastian is absolutely right when he says “American gun owners are sick to death of having this shit pinned on us, and we’re not going to take it anymore.”

Good job, media.

Top 3 wants

While my mind is currently focused on heading to Louisville for NRAAM, I figured I’d throw up this quick post.

A little while ago, a buddy of mine asked me what my top 3 gun wish list was at current date. I couldn’t really answer him at the time, but it’s been peculating in the […]