Gun Porn: Trophy Match

Pretty. So, so pretty:

I’ve owned a couple of 1911s (and shot many more of course), but I’m not a 1911 guy. This one, however, makes me want to get another one.

Why would anyone need a gun at Kroger?

While billionaires with private security who probably haven’t bought their own groceries in 30 years are complaining that the hoi polloi might protect themselves, some very bad things happened in Memphis this weekend. At a Kroger.

Now, if you just read that story it doesn’t sound so bad–maybe like a small-time drug related beating where [...]

Gun Porn: Bigger, Classier Big Brother

First we had the Bersa .22.

Then we had the Bersa Thunder 9 Pro.

To round off this set (all owned by oddball, btw), here is a absolutely gorgeous Beretta 96

I was with oddball when he bought this, and I lust after it. It’s got Crimson Trace Lasergrips and Meprolight Tru [...]

Gun Porn: Bersa Thunder 9 Pro

Last week’s bigger brother:

This almost happened to me once…

Police: Teens Used Trash Cans To Ambush, Rob Driver

Three teens were taken into custody after police said they used trashcans to ambush a driver and rob him.

A Davidson County affidavit said 18-year-old Eduardo Pizana pulled two trash cans out into the roadway in an attempt to stop cars as they passed. The [...]

Gun Porn: Bersa Thunder .22

Scary thought for the day

What if the BLM officers involved in the Bundy Ranch thing had reacted the same way Ferguson officers did?

Gun Porn: Briefcase Edition

Kriss Vector SDP .45ACP Pistol–and yes, that’s the case it’s kept in.

Surefire light kit EOTech 512

Gun Porn: Suddenly More Valuable Edition

The prices for the Saiga 12 went up over $800 during the 2013 panic. I believe they were around $600 before that for the unconverted* ones. When ARs and AKs fell back down, Saiga 12s didn’t because there was a rumor that they were going to be classified as destructive devices. That didn’t [...]

Gun Porn: Piston FAR-15


This one belongs to James, a friend of mine and the host of the Bidet Shoot. The backstory on this rifle is that the first few times he took the rifle out….something broke. And by happenstance, I was there for each one

Finally had a chance to sit down and list [...]