Slightly unnerving

As you may know, I bought a Kahr CM9 a couple of months ago and it came with an extra magazine. Since the CM9 is a 6+1 9mm, I pocket carry the spare mag.

Well yesterday I went to the range and when I pulled out the magazine, I was greeted with this:


Gun Porn: Thanksgiving Edition

Turkey day? How bout a Turkey Gun*?

Browning Auto-5. And you know who designed that, right?

*I’m not a hunter, so that could be a deer gun for all I know. Or duck. Or whatever.

Gun Porn: Benelli M1

SureFire Forend

GG&G Charging Handle

Alarming discovery in a small shop in NYC

The wife and I recently took a trip to NYC, and we stepped inside a shop on 5th avenue to check out what they had. It was a nice Italian designer of outdoors clothes.

As you can see, pretty upscale. This picture was taken from the second floor. Here’s a shot of that floor.

The […]

Gun Porn: Handgonne

Gun Porn: Prettified WASR

Ultimak M2-B AK Rail Primary Arms Micro Dot I can’t recall the stock…


Gun Porn: World’s Ugliest Assault Weapon

Gun Porn: Buckmark Rogers

Browning Buckmark with Fire Sights and an A2 Birdcage

If it looks familiar, it’s because you’ve seen it before. And here is oddball’s review of those sights.


Gun Porn: Trophy Match

Pretty. So, so pretty:

I’ve owned a couple of 1911s (and shot many more of course), but I’m not a 1911 guy. This one, however, makes me want to get another one.

Why would anyone need a gun at Kroger?

While billionaires with private security who probably haven’t bought their own groceries in 30 years are complaining that the hoi polloi might protect themselves, some very bad things happened in Memphis this weekend. At a Kroger.

Now, if you just read that story it doesn’t sound so bad–maybe like a small-time drug related beating where […]