Embody Update

His hearing on a motion to dismiss was pushed back to August 15th.

This one is for his refusal to show his paperwork for his suppressor when asked. The article says:

Embody maintains he did nothing wrong and said no one acknowledged or accepted the paperwork he was carrying with him at the time.

…but [...]

Gun Porn: Er, I think that’s an HK edition

It’s either an HK91 or a PTR91, but the markings aren’t right for either so I have no idea. I’m prettty sure it’s an HK though based on what I remember of the conversations I had with the owner.

Fun with Headlines: Reckless Endangerment Edition

Actual headline: Police: Homeowner fired shot because kids wouldn’t leave Accurate Headline: Homeowner fired shot at parent angry he wouldn’t let kids steal his fruit.

Yesterday afternoon the story was pretty sparse, but last night the local Democratic Party ABC Affiliate’s story just said someone shot at some kids in his yard. I thought maybe [...]

Gun Porn: Shorty AK’s


Gun Porn: Fixing a PF9 edition

At the bidet shoot this year, which I have yet to write about (bad blogger, no cookie), I had a very disturbing failure with my 4 year old Keltec PF9.

I was taking some videos for a future purpose and I had a failure to extract on the first round I’d shot that day out [...]

Gun Porn: FDE Tavor

(Click to embiggen)

The little poodle shooter next to it is has been featured here before.


Pretty sure that’s an Aimpoint Micro.

They’re on GunBroker right now for about $1700.


Gun Porn: M&P10

When I’m “done” with my Remington 700, I’m probably going to have spent enough just to have started here:

Here’s what I think is on this rifle. If I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments and I’ll correct it! Trijicon ACOG TA55A DPMS SASS Grip MIdwest Industries 2 Piece Carbine Handguard Harris [...]

Gun Porn: Welcome to the Party, Pal

Obviously on the same table as the HK SBR from last week, we have a Steyr AUG A3

I really wish I’d taken a better picture of this. Or more pictures.

I can’t see one of these without thinking of Die Hard.

And it’s off

My Remington 700 is on its way to New York to get the trigger pack fixed.

Correspondence from Remington says it’ll be 2-3 weeks from the time they receive it, which will probably be Monday. Add in Independence Day and transit times and I’m probably looking at mid-July before I get it back.

That puts [...]

Gun Porn: HK SBR

I have an irrational want for that. Pistol caliber carbine with a short barrel? Makes about as much sense as a football bat.

But lawd that’s sexy.

It appears to be a USC to UMP conversion done by HDPS

Magpul MOE RVG HDPS Rails YHM Flash Suppressor/suppressor mount, which I believe makes that a [...]