Hey, I know that dog.

And the house is awfully familiar, too.

New favorite

Rocks she dug up

They grow up so fast

Casey at 6 weeks vs Casey at 10 months

Casey as a meme

More here.

9 Months

Mrs wizardpc for scale.

Ridiculous law of the week

I might make this a feature. Not sure. In my research over the years I have come across some mighty stupid laws.

I came across this one when researching leash laws. It’s a Class C Misdemeanor.

Tenn. Code Ann. ยง 55-8-179:

No person, unless totally or partially deaf, shall carry, hold, or use on any […]

Notes from the weekend

“Gone With the Wind” is a really, really long movie. I’d never seen it before and decided to remedy that. It took pretty much all day Saturday when you include the breaks we had to take for eating and letting the dog out. I now understand why he didn’t give a damn. I wouldn’t either.


There I fixed it.

Problem: Casey, our 9 month old Belgian Malinois puppy figured out the trash can contains tasty morsels.