Tactical Dog’s thoughts on Christmas


Lilwizard gets all this stuff, and I get a ball and a bone?

Notes from the weekend: HOLY CRAP THAT WAS FAST Edition

Listed the house on Friday morning. Three showings over the weekend and we’re mulling over one offer. The two that didn’t make an offer were buyer-side problems. All the realtors said the house showed really well.

About 90% of the houses that fit our criteria are under contract. If we accept this offer, we basically […]

Tactical Pre-Rinse

That tongue is high speed low drag. Just ask Osama.


So last night my wife comes in from “last call” with the dog and says that there’s a huge spider outside.

She was right. Effer was HUGE.

Click to embiggen. If you dare.

That’s a 12″ square paver, for scale.

I got brave and went close enough to take this one:

Click to […]

Best $17 I’ve ever spent

Tactical Dog Approves

To-done list

Up at 0430. On purpose.

Ran a 5k. Mostly.

Went to the gun show. Surprisingly few guns. The only thing I came home with was for the dog.

Moved blog from a self hosted solution to a hosting provider. I was already paying for the space and didn’t want to have downtime […]

Puppy Dog Eyes

She haz dem:


Helping mom