Small update on the HTPC build

Motherboard issues have been resolved, but not in anything resembling a good outcome.

I bought an ASUS P8Z77-V LE instead. Because I had already attached the heatsink to the processor, I had to wait until I got this kit from Arctic Silver in the mail before I could swap out the boards.

Swapped everything out, […]

Well, that was unexpected

Just went through one of those “Corporate Safety” thingies. Basic stuff, like where to go if there’s a fire, what to do if there’s a tornado, how to use an AED, and what to do if there’s a guy gunning down your coworkers.

They actually gave effective advice. I was shocked. In order of priority, […]

Found in my kitchen


I truly have a great wife.

Free App of the Day: Army Survival Guide

Today’s free Amazon app is Army Survival Guide. Just letting you know.

I’m not sure of the utility of a survival manual that requires an internet connection (Amazon Apps require authentication to Amazon when you start the app) and battery power, but hey it’s free and it might come in handy.

I also have the […]

Things that suck

Coming home to a server that’s lost it’s OS hard drive.

Things that are awesome: backup strategies.

Despite some lingering issues…

It looks like the server move was a good idea. At some point this morning my home server lost connectivity. Actually, I can’t talk to either of my home servers, which indicates any combination of:

Power failure Network failure related to Comcast DHCP change (also related to Comcast Internal network failure, such as my cable […]

Basic Gunshot Wound Kit

Alternate title: Roll your own IFAK

Back in February, oddball and I took a “First Aid for Gun Toters” class put on by our local Zombie Squad chapter. It was, in my uneducated opinion, a pretty good class. My one complaint was that the guy wasn’t selling any of the products he was pimping. 😀


EDC Flashlights: Fenix PD20 vs Sipik

Regular readers know that after the first of the year I decided to start carrying a flashlight every day. I asked for suggestions and got quite a few good ones. I ultimately decided on the Fenix PD20 and wrote a review of that light.

SayUncle linked to that review, and the first comment to that […]

EDC Flashlight review: Fenix PD20

A few weeks ago I had a bleg about everyday carry flashlights. I got some really good suggestions, and I highly recommend heading over to that post and reading the comments. The two top I considered ended up being the Fenix PD20 and the 4Sevens Quark MiniX 123. I ultimately went with the PD20 after […]

Thumb drives for disaster preparedness

Tam and Uncle both mentioned someone raising the idea of including electronics in you bug out kit. Me being me, I figured I’d throw in my two cents. Especially since, while I wasn’t one of those hit by the little bit of rain here in Nashville last year, I did have to quickly evacuate in […]