Well, that’s a relief!

On Monday, I picked up tags for the WRX. When I got in the car, it stalled out on me three times. Then I got a lean condition engine code (which I was able to read and clear using the ScanGauge II I picked up several years ago). No biggie.

Well, the P0171 kept coming […]

Scooby Dooby Doo!

Alternate title: I decided to go in a different direction.*

2004 Subaru WRX. Turbocharged boxer engine. All wheel drive. World Rally Blue. 30+ MPG on Premium.

Like the Excursion before it, I’ve wanted this car since it was new. Now I have it.

Also like the Excursion, I paid a little bit more […]

One Line Movie Review

Fast & Furious 6:

Longest. Runway. Ever.

A great story on why everyone needs an emergency fund

Over at Thomas J. Stanley’s blog.

(He’s the guy that wrote The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind.)

Parking Lot Bill Passes House

On it’s way to Governor Haslam, who’s not keen on it.

We have a very weak executive office in TN. It takes 60 votes in the house to pass a bill, but only 51 to override a veto. The bill got 72 votes.

It will go into effect July 1st if Haslam doesn’t veto it.


FOR SALE: Ford F150, Safe In LA Edition

2005 Ford F150 with only 44,000 miles!

Black, 4×4, power everything!

Only $54,000*!

The perfect thing for elderly ladies delivering newspapers.

*Only stops handgun rounds, though. If you want to stop assault patrol rifles, you’ll need to spend a little more.

The Freight Train

That’s what I got. And yes, it’s got baby seal skin seats.

2002 Ford Excursion Limited Ultimate. I went with a V10 instead of a diesel, because for the extra $7-10,000 a diesel was going to cost me, I decided I’d just buy a commuter car.

This one gets 15mpg on the highway, 12 […]

Teaser 2

How does “non-flammable gasoline” work?

That’s what Extra Fuel claims to be. For emergencies.

And by “emergency” they mean “your failure to plan or pay any attention whatsoever to the fuel gauge.”

My Jeep requires 100% gasoline, so I have to actually plan out my fuel trips. That means I get nervous when I dip below 1/4 tank. I guess […]

Well, obviously!

I buy a lot of used cars. I mean, I used to, back when I would buy an $800, drive it for a year, and sell it for $800.

So as a direct result of that, I have spent a lot of time looking at used car lots. Mostly, that involves driving down the local […]