heh… oops

So, my wife’s sister has a bit of a fear of knives.  Somewhere between “healthy respect for,” and a full on phobia.  Normally, if she’s not surprised with it, she can keep it under control.  Not being a jerk, I try to behave and not freak her out.  There have been a few times that I haven’t been paying attention, pulled out my pocket knife, snapped it open to open something, and made her jump.

I was doing pretty well this Christmas.  In part because of the the new Spyderco Manix 2 that my dad gave me this year.  One of the benefits of the ball bearing lock used in that knife is that you can open in a lot quieter than you can something like my Endura that is under spring tension.  I don’t think I made her jump once!

Then I opened a present to my from her father… a Woodsman’s Pal.

I opened it up and heard her exclaim “ahhh! Keep that over there!”



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