heh… oops

So, my wife’s sister has a bit of a fear of knives. Somewhere between “healthy respect for,” and a full on phobia. Normally, if she’s not surprised with it, she can keep it under control. Not being a jerk, I try to behave and not freak her out. There have been a few times that […]

Apologies for the Pun

A Tale of Two Knives

My dad and I have a tradition of shopping for each others Christmas presents. It’s easier to just say “you have x amount of money, what do you want?” than trying to guess. This year, I decided that my gift from him would be a Spyderco Manix 2.

I’ve been interested in Benchmade’s Axis lock […]

Everyone Loves Random Gun Pics, Right?

Ruger Blackhawk in .30carbine and a NAA mini-revolver in .22lr.